My Guide to the Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

When I started my journey to lead a greener, cleaner lifestyle, there were very few non-toxic cleaning products on the market and very little choice. In fact, I even experimented with making my own cleaning products. But fast forward a few years to now and there is an amazing selection of non-toxic cleaning products, and all created by independent and eco-friendly brands!
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When I started my journey to lead a greener, cleaner lifestyle, there were very few non-toxic cleaning products on the market and very little choice.  In fact, I even experimented with making my own cleaning products.  But fast forward a few years to now and there is an amazing selection of non-toxic cleaning products, and all created by independent and eco-friendly brands! 

For me, what we use to clean our homes is just as important as what we eat or what we use on our hair and skin.  Avoiding unnecessary synthetic fragrances and chemicals is not only common sense when it comes to looking after our own health, but also our children’s and pets’ health too. And of course, it’s also essential for the wellbeing of the planet. 

Luckily, more and more of us are aware of the damage that we are doing to our waters and wildlife by using products that contain potentially toxic chemicals. 

Swapping to natural non-toxic products to clean our homes is better for us and better for our environment. 

best non-toxic cleaning products uk

The best non-toxic cleaning products to freshen up your home

I’ve had such a great time testing all these products during lockdown. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had so many cleaning urges during this pandemic!  The brands I’ve tested and included in this post represent my pick of the best products currently on the market. It’s also such a joy to support independent ’boutique’ businesses that really care about their products, their customers’ wellbeing, and the ecology of our planet. 

Elmkind the perfect non toxic cleaning products


Elmkind is quite possibly one of my favourite brands I’ve ever come across! Founded in Devon by Emma Moore and Alex Dobson who were running an eco-friendly cleaning company, everything Elmkind does has been carefully thought through. Even the packaging chips they use are made from corn starch instead of polystyrene! These stunning refillable aluminum bottles are so beautiful that they wouldn’t look out of place even in the most stylish of homes. Not only that, the formulations, made using plant-based ingredients and high-quality essential oils, will make your home smell incredible! And the fact that there are refills for every product also makes this range incredibly eco-friendly, as well as very affordable! 

A starter bundle with everything you need to make your home sparkle includes Lavender & Tea Tree All-Purpose Cleaner, Sweet Orange Kitchen Cleaner, Eucalyptus Glass Cleaner, and Grapefruit & Palmarosa Bathroom Cleaner, and is just £30 – what’s not to love!  

There’s also a gift box that makes the perfect eco-friendly present for a friend or family member. And to top it all off, 5% of all Elmkind’s profits go to local charities. There’s just nothing to fault with this brand and EVERYTHING to love.

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Elmkind the perfect non toxic cleaning range

My favourite Elmkind picks

The Sweet Orange Kitchen Cleaner is an effective kitchen surface cleaner that cuts through grime and grease easily, not only that it leaves your kitchen smelling like an orange grove! Sparkling clean and smelling fresh – it doesn’t disappoint on any level. One of the best non-toxic cleaning products I’ve ever used!

non toxic cleaning products for the home

ElmKind Grapefruit & Palmarosa Bathroom Cleaner

This grapefruit-scented bathroom cleaner doesn’t disappoint. It cuts through bathroom grime easily while making it smell as citrus-fresh as a grapefruit. Gorgeous!

Elmkind has very kindly offered all my readers a 10% discount – yay! Use Code Natalie10 for 10% anything in the range.

Clean by Kinn Beauty

Like so many boutique brands, Kinn has a beautiful back story. After making a huge success of their award-winning clean beauty brand, mother and daughter duo, Marie and Sophie, Kinn’s founders, decided that the next area to focus on was the home. So for the last 2 years, they have been busy formulating a natural, non-toxic cleaning and laundry range too. I first came across Kinn in Waitrose and was immediately drawn to their plant-based ingredients. I also found the products to be very effective too.

My only bugbear is that the products are all packaged in plastic.  However, Kinn are working on refills which means that in the future, they won’t be single use. They do have an explanation for why they use plastic and you can find this here.  Along with that, they have also just applied for their Vegan and Leaping Bunny accreditations too.

My favourite Kinn picks

the best non-toxic cleaning products

Kinn Lavender and Rosemary Washing Up Liquid

Kind to your hands while still being very effective at cleaning your dishes, this washing up liquid is just perfect. I road-tested the lavender and rosemary washing up liquid which smells absolutely gorgeous. Along with smelling amazing, you only need to use a small amount as it lasts for ages, so it’s pretty cost-effective too.

KINN Neroli Laundry Liquid

I like soap nuts for certain items like towels, and lightly used/soiled clothes but for my husband’s work clothes and my gym kit, I need something slightly stronger!  KINN Neroli Laundry Liquid and Neroli Fabric Conditioner are ideal for most washes.  Both these eco-friendly laundry liquids are naturally fragranced with beautiful neroli blossom essential oil. Not only do they wash and condition clothes effectively, make them smell delicious, they also leave them looking and feeling clean and smelling fresh!

Kinn’s Eco-Cleaning Lavender and Rosemary Set

non toxic cleaning with kinn living

Kinn’s Eco-Cleaning Lavender and Rosemary Set is a firm favourite! The set contains washing up liquid, kitchen spray, bathroom cleaner, and floor wash, all formulated with natural and plant-based ingredients that clean effectively and leave your home deliciously scented with natural lavender and rosemary essential oils.  If this is your first venture into non-toxic cleaning products, this is a brilliant starter set, a bargain at only £15 for 4 products. 

Ashley & Co

Created by New Zealander Jackie Ashley and inspired by her childhood in Hong Kong, Ashley & Co’s range of deliciously scented hair, home, bath, and body products, are all formulated with natural ingredients.  The best news is that they now have a UK website and some products are available in John Lewis too.  Recently, they launched their first 2 non-toxic cleaning products – Benchpress Surface Cleaner and In Sink Dish Wash (which was sold out, so I haven’t tested it yet!). Both are vegan approved too.

Ashley & Co Benchpress Surface Cleaner 

non toxic cleaning products

With its stylish, eye-catching packaging,  this countertop cleaner is formulated with biodegradable citrus essential oils, clove, and cinnamon bark. So yes, it smells as good as it looks! Effective without being harsh, it leaves surfaces spotlessly clean and smelling deliciously fresh!  Packaged in recyclable PET, eco-refill pouches are also available for both products, making these an affordable and sustainable option for kitchen cleaning.   

Tincture, London

Tincture London Non Toxic Cleaning

They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and that’s certainly true of eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning brand, Tincture. Created by mother of four, Angelika Davenport, who was concerned that everyday household cleaning products were exacerbating her children’s asthma and eczema, the range has received rave reviews since it launched in 2016. 

The products are formulated without the potentially irritating volatile chemical compounds and detergents used in most cleaning products.  100% natural, sustainable, and completely non-toxic, Tincture’s range is formulated with essential oils, plant-based ingredients, and active silver. (This is a liquid containing trace elements of colloidal silver.)

Many of the essential oils and plant extracts including Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Ginger, and Grapefruit, have been used for centuries by monks to combat viruses and kill bacteria. The packaging is very stylish and although the main products are packaged in plastic, Tincture does supply glass refill bottles, so they’re not single-use. Reasonably priced and extremely effective, you can also buy mini sizes. This is a great idea if you want to try them out before buying the full-sized version. Everything in the range is vegan except the furniture polish that contains beeswax and importantly, it’s all made here in the UK. 

Find my full review of Tincture London here.

My favourite Tincture picks

Tincture Floor Cleaner

I love this concentrated formula, and importantly it’s great for all floor types from tiles and wood to laminate. Simply add a capful to warm water and smell the lovely botanical oils as they release their aroma! What’s more, the ingredients are all-natural, biodegradable, and sustainable too.

Plastic-Free Cleaning Kit

plastic free cleaning kit

This clever little kit contains 5 water-soluble sachets that you dilute in warm water in a reusable spray bottle or an amber spray bottle.  All the products are made with plant extracts and essential oils, as well as being cruelty-free. Super-easy to use, simply drop a sachet into a bottle with 500 ml of warm water, shake and you’re good to go.  They all smell great too! Best of all, each sachet comes with its own label so you can label your bottles and not get them mixed up! On top of all of that, it’s a great price at £10 too!

DoTerra On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

DoTerra Onguard concentrate DIY cleaner

Whether you’re looking for a safe, natural way to clean your home, or you’ve already experienced the benefits of the doTERRA On Guard essential oil blend, you will love how the doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate helps keep your home clean while leaving behind a fresh, invigorating aroma.  Onguard is specifically advertised as their ‘protective blend’ to help combat harmful bacteria and viruses.

Easy-to-use, simply add 2 tablespoons of concentrate to warm water in an amber spray bottle. (It needs to be amber to protect the essential oils from degrading.) Then not only do you have a great anti-bacterial multi-purpose spray, but it also smells like Christmas!

Happy non-toxic cleaning!

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