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When I studied Reiki, I learned about an experiment Masaru Emoto did with water. He believed emotional energies and vibrations had the ability, to change the physical structure of water. Emoto took 2 batches of water, with one batch he played soothing music, showed beautiful pictures and gave positive speech. The other batch, he did the opposite, he played abrasive music, showed violent images and gave negative speech. The results were quite astonishing; Emoto found when the water was frozen, the crystals of the water took on completely different formations. The water exposed to positive experiences formed visually pleasing crystals, while the water exposed to negativity, took on ugly crystal formations. This is quite a worrying thought, when you think our bodies are made up of around 60% water. How many times have you given yourself negative self talk, been in a stressful situation longer than you needed to be, either in the workplace, or in a relationship where you felt sad and depressed, or even watched a violent film or TV series. I wonder what happens to our bodies in these situations.

My Reiki teacher always taught us to bless our water before we drank it, to make sure it was purified before we drank it, and also taught us to cleanse water using crystals. Using crystals to change the quality and structure of water is a practise that goes back thousands of years. It is a belief that crystals have the ability to absorb any negative energies, and radiate back positive energy to promote spiritual and physical health.

So when I came across these beautiful bottles from Bewater on Instagram, I knew I had to purchase one.

crystals purify the water in these glass bottles
BeHarmony Glass; Rose quartz and rock crystal

Bewater Glass Bottles

Bewater use gemstones in their bottles, because they too believe in the healing properties of crystals, and that they have revitalising and strengthening properties.

There are 2 different types of bottle available; the reusable durable Tritan bottle for on the go, or the new glass bottle, that I opted for. There are 4 different ranges with lots of choice in each range, to suit every mood you could think of; BejoyBelove, Bemagic and Bepower and in the glass bottles, the crystals are interchangeable too. I opted for Harmony Glass from the Belove range for myself,for love and harmony, and I bought Balance Glass from the Bejoy range for my friend I train with.

Drinking water from glass tastes better than plastic
BeBalance Glass; Amazonite and Rock Crystal

Drinking Water From Glass Tastes Better!

We were so excited when our bottles arrived, we couldn’t wait to try them, and we have had lots of admiring comments from our friends. But more importantly, we have both noticed the difference in our water! It tastes much smoother, purer, and somehow less raw, which must be the crystal influence.  I have also noticed a big change in drinking water from glass, instead of plastic, and there is the added benefit of no waste to our environment.

Glass crystal water bottles

I am absolutely delighted with my Bewater bottle and will definitely be going back for more options.

If you would like to purchase a Bewater bottle, you can purchase one here.

Stay Hydrated!

Natalie x

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