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Flowering Tea is Blossom in a Cup

sanatio naturalis wellness tea

If you love herbal teas, then you’ll adore Sanatio’s Wellness Flowering Tea which literally blossoms in your cup! Beautiful to look at, gorgeous to taste and good for you too. I’m a huge fan of herbal teas and have been drinking them daily as an alternative to regular tea and coffee for the past 20 […]


True Grit Health

healthy food

Whether you’re feeling a bit under-the-weather or you have a health niggle that you haven’t been able to resolve, a health coach could be the answer.  Meet Stacy Marx, founder of Grit Wellness, a health coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Practitioner, who sets her clients on the right track to healing.  More and more […]


Eating Our Feelings

eating macaroon

I don’t know about you but everything in my life seems to be revolved around food! Whenever I meet up with friends – I eat, whenever I feel sad I eat, or when I sit in front of the TV – I eat, in fact I’m constantly eating! It seems I’m not alone, food companies […]


Flower Power

Saskia's Flower essences

The Power of a Flower I’m not totally new to the healing power of flower essences as I’ve used Bach Flower Remedies (most of us have come across Bach Rescue Remedy at some point) but I was excited when my friend Lynn told me about a new range of flower essences that are handmade in […]


The Perfect Blend

Blended Valley Essential Oils

I love essential oils, so I’m always delighted to find new stockists and sources. I’ve recently discovered Blended Valley, a company specialising in unique essential oil blends, rather than single oils. The oils, grouped into three categories – healing, elemental and chakra oils –  are blended to target specific issues. So whether you want an […]


About Me

About Me

Welcome to Does It Work, my blog dedicated to sharing my quest to live a healthier, less toxic and more natural way of life. If you want to look good and feel great, are eager to avoid chemical-overload in your life - and find effective alternatives to every day products, you've come to the right place! I'm passionate about finding organic and natural alternatives to mainstream products. Why? Because I really believe they are better for us - and for our environment. We use so many chemical-laden products in our homes, and on our skin and hair, that it's vital to be mindful of what we’re using, not just for our own health, but for our children, pets and the planet. My passion for natural, safer alternatives has also been fuelled by the fact that my mum died of cancer when she was very young, something that could well be attributed to the prevalence of potentially harmful ingredients commonly used in hair products and skincare, food additives and chemicals found in the environment. I've always shared my recommendations and experiences of products, treatments and therapies that I've tried and tested with my clients (I'm a professional hairdresser), and through my blog, I can reach a new and wider audience. As well as my expertise in hair, I have considerable knowledge and experience of alternative therapies and techniques, including Reiki, meditation, Feng Shui, EFT, NLP and martial arts. I’ve been actively researching, and testing as many products that I can over the last 10 years. From skincare and make-up, to food and even homeware, I’ve been incorporating the best of what I find into my daily life - and I’ve never felt better. And now I'm sharing it with you, so you can read about things that I've road-tested – and take your pick of the products that I've tried. I'm glad to have you on board and look forward to hearing about your experiences too. Enjoy! Natalie X

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