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8 ways Turmeric Can Help Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Along this journey in life, women experience many testing times, periods, childbirth and hormones to name but a few, but just when our children grow up and leave home, and we think life might start to get a bit easier, the peri menopause and menopause starts, it’s enough to send you crazy!  So what are […]


Amazing Summer Recipes To Try Right Now

As you all know I am on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle, I love healthy food, but sometimes I seem to lack inspiration, and hit the unhealthy snacks. I asked Emily from Food at One to give me some inspiration, on how I can stay healthy this Summer. Emily lives close to me in Kent, […]


A Great CookBook To Motivate Your Healthy Eating Plan

I love cooking, and am always looking for new inspiration to be healthy. Recently I have been following The Detoxinista and find her website so inspiring. There is a lot of great information including food combining, how to make your own almond butter and also some great recipes. Most of The Detoxinista recipes are super easy to make, I find all the recipes turn out […]


Stay Healthy this Winter with Super Immune Boosting Soup

I first met Emily from Food at One a couple of years ago, when my brother gave me an experience gift for Christmas. A Detox and Superfood cooking workshop with Emily. I absolutely loved it, and it was one of my most favourite gifts. I learned lots of new tips including, how to start the […]


Ideas to Get Started with a Raw Food Diet Plan

We all know we need to incorporate more raw foods into our diets to be more health conscious, but sometimes it is hard to be imaginative. I know when I go to buy ingredients for a salad, I come out of the shop with some lettuce, a cucumber, some tomatoes and maybe an avocado. When […]


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As well as working at my hairdressing day job in my own studio, I’m working on an essential refocus; nourishing my soul, focusing on better nutrition, health and fitness, natural products, caring for our planet and trying to find more joy, once again. As I seek and test out natural and organic alternatives to big brand products to find the best on the market, I’ll be sharing my research, results and most importantly my resolve. Please join me on this journey. If I can help just one other woman to feel more fulfilled, happier and healthier my blog will have been worth publishing.