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Swell hair Range

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Christmas is coming and that means parties! Maybe you have a work function or a get together with old friends – whatever the reason you want to feel good. and that means you need your hair to be party ready. Winter can be disastrous for hair; blustery rainy days often mean frizzy, flat hair and nothing makes you feel worse than bad hair!

So what if I told I have found some great products that not only give you thicker and fuller hair, but that also improves your hair strength and elasticity too! 

Introducing Swell  – the brainchild of Jonathon Stallick cofounder of Barefoot Botanicals and hairstylist Andrew Bidwell. Over the years working as a hairstylist, Andrew had become more and more disillusioned with the hair care products he was using. He noticed the detrimental effect these products had on fine hair, so he began his testing ingredients and experimenting to find things that worked on fine, thinning hair. Jonathan’s belief in the power of natural ingredients and Andrew’s wealth of knowledge and experience of hair was a powerful combination and they set to work comparing their silicone-free formulas against every brand on the market, and testing up to 6 months at a time to perfect their unique system.


Swell Hair is a 3 step system for fine, limp, thinning hair making it appear thicker, stronger and fuller. This system is not only cosmetic, but actually works over a period of time improving the elasticity and strength of your hair whilst creating volume and decreasing shedding.

Other benefits include;

  • Immediate and lasting volume
  • Increased hair growth and reduced shedding
  • Super detangling
  • Natural ingredients – no silcones, parabens, SLS
  • Swell actually creates stronger hair with increased elasticity when used regularly.
  • Economical
  • Reduces colour fade for up to 30 washes (even with red dyes)
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free

Swell Hair Range

Step 1 – Shampoo with Swell Ultimate Volume Shampoo

Dampen Hair, then use a couple of pumps (depending on hair thickness) of Ultimate Volume Shampoo. Massage into the roots only using your fingertips, I massage the roots for a good minute to really work the product in, then rinse and repeat. One of the first things I noticed about this shampoo is how well it cleans the hair, sometimes I struggle getting hair clean with natural shampoo, but this shampoo lathers up well, and cuts through grease and build up easily without stripping the hair of natural oils. 

Step 2 – Apply Swell Hair Conditioner

Apply a couple of pumps of conditioner (depending on length and thickness of hair.) Work through hands first, then apply to the mid lengths and ends of the hair. I left this on for 1 – 5 minutes depending on the condition of the ends, then rinse thoroughly. What I noticed was the ease at which the hair combs through afterwards; it detangles really easily leaving the hair feeling soft and clean without leaving it flat or heavy. You can feel the cuticle feeling thicker too even when the hair is wet.

Step 3 – Mist roots with Swell Ultimate Root Complex

Towel dry hair gently, and comb through. Mist the root complex from a slight distance (6 inches away from head) through the parting, crown and any problem areas, then work the product through the hair and comb through. It’s best to use a small amount first then add more if needed. 

Being a hairdresser and working in my own salon, one of the main complaints I get from clients is their hair has not enough volume, or their hair feels flat or fine. So I’ve been busy testing this out on lots of different heads to put these products to the test. I’ve had some amazing results and my clients have all been delighted! I’ve found Swell actually swells the cuticle so it feels plumper and denser. My clients found their blow dry lasted longer and the volume lasted till their next wash, which is very unusual.

Here is a before and after ;


After using Swell 3 Step system

What do you think? Pretty good right? My results have been this good on lots of different heads and I have found these products to be of a professional standard (the packaging misrepresents how high end this product is.) The system is very easy to use and anyone can get these results, achieving salon results at home without the cost – win! The whole kit also come in this great travel size too, so easy to try it and check it works for you. 

Swell Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo

Swell Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo

Going out straight from the office?  This dry shampoo is handbag size so absolutely brilliant for refreshing your hair after a hard day at the office. A real find in dry shampoos as it doesn’t turn your hair white, and gives hair a real boost without causing any stickiness. It’s the only dry shampoo I’ve come across in powder form, and I love the fact it gives hair that extra boost at the roots without dehydrating it, which normal dry shampoos do, turning your hair a bit straw like. This is a real find and a must have for your handbag during these winter months!

How to Use 

You can pump this straight onto your hair, which is great for those problem areas; around the crown or through the parting. You can also apply a couple of pumps onto your hand, then rub through the hair and massage your roots.  This dry shampoo gives a lovely voluminous look with great hold and no stickiness – a new firm favourite of mine now too!

Swell Hair Serum

Swell Protect and Renew Serum

This serum is great for static or any frizz problems, it contains no silicones so it gives no build up and doesn’t weigh hair down or make it oily. It has a great consistency and again fits in your handbag, so great for those miserably wet days when you’re having a bad hair day. A pump of this will tame any frizz and put a shine back on those dull locks!

*This post contains affiliate links, please read my disclaimer for more information.*

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I have loved trying out these products as they are a bit different and they work very well. I think the trial size kit is a great idea and it would also be a perfect Christmas gift for one of your favourite ladies! 


Natalie x








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