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Egyptian Magic

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As most of you know by now, I’m on a zero waste journey, so when I find a multi-use product  I get really excited, especially when it’s really affordable too.  Meet Egyptian Magic.  A well-kept beauty secret that has been endorsed by celebrities, make-up artists and beauty bloggers at home and abroad, the secret of its success lies in the unique formula of nature’s most moisturising and healing ingredients. Packed with OLIVE OIL, BEESWAX, HONEY, BEE POLLEN, ROYAL JELLY and BEE PROPOLIS, Egyptian Magic is completely natural and contains no additives, parabens, fragrances or chemicals so it can be used on the most sensitive of skins, even on babies! Fragrance-free, it has a Vaseline-like consistency, and when warmed up in your hands, the balm turns into an oil. 

There are over 20 ways to use this multi-purpose marvel which you can find here, but these are my favourites. 


I use Egyptian Magic as an all-round daily moisturiser for face and body. It’s really gentle but extremely moisturising and nourishing and can be used by psoriasis and eczema sufferers.  It also has line-smoothing properties and research has shown that beehive ingredients including honey, beeswax, royal jelly, and bee pollen all have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for skincare products.

Natural First Aid Kit –  

Since discovering Egyptian Magic, it has become a staple in my first aid kit.  I’m always burning myself with curling tongs or on the oven door and this cream is ideal to soothe minor burns.  It also eases bee and wasp stings, and reduces the redness and pain of sunburn.

Hair Mask

If you’re looking for a moisturising hair conditioner, Egyptian Magic is ideal.  Apply a small amount to dry hair, work it through, adding more if needed, then wrap in a hot towel, or jump into a steamy bath – the steam helps the mask penetrate into the hair shaft – then shampoo your hair as normal. The all-natural ingredients will restore luster to your hair and replenish its natural oils, while taming frizz and smoothing split ends. It’s also a great serum for curly hair.  Rub a little into your hands then gently twist your hair into curls. This will give separation and definition and because it’s so moisturising, it will stop the hair from frizzing.  I also use it as a finishing serum on dry hair to smooth flyaways and add shine. Simply rub a tiny amount into the palms of your hands and run your hands gently over the hair.  It even works well on fine hair like mine.

Lip Balm –

The beeswax, propolis and honey do wonders for dry lips and give them new life.  I like using it as a pre-lipstick primer as it instantly rehydrates any dry patches,  creates a lovely finish and helps my lipstick last longer too.

Shaving Balm – 

I have sensitive skin, especially after shaving, but I find when I use Egyptian Magic, my skin recovers quickly. I apply a small amount before shaving, and my razor glides over my skin without cutting or scraping. It’s also great as a post-shave balm to take away any redness or itching.

Hand Cream and Cuticle Moisturiser –

When I’m hairdressing, my hands are prone to dryness and chapping from being constantly in contact with water.  I’m always on the lookout for effective natural hand creams and have found that Egyptian Magic is a brilliant treatment.  The balm melts as you rub it into your hands, leaving them feeling moisturised without being greasy.  One of my favourite bedtime treats is apply it to my hands at night, and then pop on a pair of cotton gloves so that I wake up to super-soft hands in the morning! It’s also a fabulous cuticle oil for moisturising and softening rough and ragged cuticles.  And if your feet need some TLC, massage Egyptian Magic into your heels and soles before bed, put on a pair of cotton socks and  you’ll wake up with nourished,  restored feet!

Make Up Remover –

Egyptian Magic can also be used as an emulsifying cleanser. I love the fact that it is gentle enough to use as an eye make-up remover too. To cleanse, I massage a small amount into my face, and gently around my eyes,  then remove with a hot bamboo cloth. The natural oils break down the oils and residues in make-up, and it even removes mascara effectively. After cleansing and before bed, I apply it as a moisturiser, patting some around my eyes – and I’m ready for bed!

Egyptian Magic All purpose cream

Eye Cream

Beehive-derived ingredients are becoming a staple in natural skincare and bee propolis is an especially powerful ingredient. The antioxidant action of bee propolis can help to reduce pigmentation and inflammatory redness, boost collagen, and offer protection from environmental aggressors like pollution, sunlight, and radiation, all of which make it the perfect eye cream.

Tattoo Aftercare – 

I’ve recently had my eyebrows micro-bladed, and have used Egyptian Magic post-treatment to enhance healing, reduce scabbing, and to soothe itching and redness. My skin healed a lot faster than it did in previously without the help of this multi-tasker.

Make Up Primer – 

Loved by many celebrity makeup artists, Egyptian Magic makes a regular appearance behind-the-scenes at catwalk shows and fashion shoots where it’s used as a make-up primer, lip balm and all-round skin enhancer. I love to use it as a primer to give my skin a dewy glow, and to prep my skin for foundation. My foundation lasts longer and is less prone to sinking into fine lines and wrinkles when I use the balm.  It’s also perfect for creating a shimmery, creamy highlighter.  Put a small amount on the back of your hand, lightly sweep your make-up brush over it and then dip the brush into a highlighting powder.  I use it to highlight my cheekbones and eyelids for a fresh, summery glow. (see video)

Hydrating Skin Mask –

When my skin is feeling dry, tight or dull, Egyptian Magic is the ideal intensive face mask.  Apply a layer of Egyptian Magic onto clean skin, leave for 30 minutes and then remove with a hot cloth. My skin always feels much more nourished after the mask.  It would also be the perfect post-swimming moisturiser or to use as an in-flight skin hydrator.

The Verdict?

This really is brilliant multi-purpose product. Starting from around £22, it’s an affordable treat and a little goes a long way.  One pot of Egyptian Magic being used daily in multiple ways could last for months. I love the fact it is all-natural, great for travel as you only need to take 1 product, and for anyone like me who is trying to reduce their waste – win!

Will you try Egyptian Magic? Let me know if you do!

If you live in the UK and would like to try some – you can purchase it here.

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Till next time!

Natalie x


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