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Zero waste is something many of us are striving for at the moment; I’ve been cutting down on single use plastic, using beauty products with bio degradable materials, and I recently invested in a Berkey Infiltration Water System to solve my bottled water issue, but many people are going a step further and in ways I have never even ever thought of!

Elvis & Kresse are a company based just down the road from me in Tonge, Kent. Kresse Wesling MBE is a multi-award winning environmental entrepreneur who set up Elvis & Kresse to rescue and recycle old fire hoses from The London Fire Brigade. Since the company began over 10 years ago, 170 tons of hoses have been saved from landfill and been recycled into luxurious hand bags, purses, wallets and accessories.

Recycled Zero Waste Handbags

Everything used to make these bags is recycled material including the linings, which are made with parachute silk cast offs. Parachute silk can contain flaws that are not visible to the naked eye, and for obvious reasons these pieces can’t be turned into parachutes. Elvis & Kresse save these from waste and use the silk inside their bags.

The whole concept and idea is really inspiring, I really do think it’s genius – not only that but their designs are simply stunning too.

Elvis & kresse selection

MY Zero Waste Journey

After working in Central London for over 20 years I became very attached to my designer bags, so when I started this vegan, zero waste journey, this was a habit I had to change. I haven’t bought any new leather bags for years, however seeing this beautiful collection made me realise I can still have high end, luxurious items in my life, with no impact on animals or the planet. This makes me feel great as I can still follow my journey, without compromising on style and quality.

There are so many different styles and colours – there really is something for everyone. I love the salmon pink tote, it would cheer up any outfit!

Elvis & Kresse

This weekend bag, or the wallet, notebooks, ipad cases or key rings make the perfect Christmas gift for men. I find men so hard to buy for, but these are so stylish and unusual – I really do think they make the perfect gift.

Elvis & Kresse notebook

Zero Waste Christmas Gift Idea

I love mustard, it’s one of my favourite colours, so this collection is definitely one of my favourites. These beautiful bags would dress up any outfit, and receiving one of these on Christmas morning would make most women light up. I really love the notebook too!

Be sure to check out their website – you may get your Christmas shopping done, help your impact, and a small business all in one hit. Elvis & Kresse also donate 50% of their profits from the fire hose collection to The Fire Fighter’s Charity, and donate to many other charities too, so their products are definitely a perfect Christmas gift!

They are holding a workshop at the end of January to design your own handbag or accessory -this is also a great gift idea or to simply treat yourself to – I think it sounds like fun!

Natalie x

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  1. Farhan Ali says:

    These bags are look so amazing. Really loved this one.

  2. Rezowan Kabir says:

    Elvis & Kresse is doing such a great job. I really love these products and love their ideas.

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