A Quick Guide to Feng Shui

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After spending many years studying Martial Arts, I fell in love with Eastern Practises. I find them fascinating and have studied many of them, including Feng Shui. Some of the Feng Shui teachings make perfect sense, like decluttering and organisation. But can we really have more abundance, simply by collecting coins in a certain room? And can we really avoid affairs in our marriage, by removing a mirror from the bedroom? I contacted Karen Kelly to find out more. Karen began her career studying Interior Design, and her love of all things spiritual, including Crystals and The Law of Attraction found her tying everything together, and becoming a Feng Shui Consultant.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science which originated in China over 3,000+ years ago.
It is the practice of arranging your surroundings so that the energy (also known as “chi”) can flow easily through your home, office or space.
It is based on the belief that everything around us has an energy.

Can the energy in our home really affect our lives?

Absolutely! When you get the energy right in your home, amazing things can happen. A really important step for good energy in your home is to simply declutter. Clutter causes the energy in your home to become stagnant. Think of it this way… If you walk into a room where there is clutter, something you’ve been meaning to do for a while (or just that day!) how do you feel? What is your energy like around it?
For example, piles of clothes in the laundry basket, a messy untidy wardrobe where you can’t find anything, sink full of dirty dishes in the kitchen, drawers full of old letters/bills/receipts, unhoovered floors, messy kids bedrooms, bathrooms (I could go on!) That disheartened feeling you get when you see them, brings about bad energy and in turn negativity, and feelings of dread! This is not good as it can have a knock on effect to those around you!
Think of how you feel when all these things are done, that feeling of accomplishment = good vibes! Positivity when you walk into your home and you are so happy to be in it, you love it and everything in it… This obviously attracts good energy and will have the same knock on effect on you and those around you. If your home is full of good energy then so are you, which leads to a more positive, happier, abundant life.

Light, bright homes free of clutter have good energy

How can we tell if our home has a good or bad energy?

You will know your home has a good Feng Shui energy if you feel happy and content in your home. If not, then you can make some simple changes. Of course everyone’s energy will be different, so it is important to feel balance and in harmony with your home.
Some things that help; clean, clear and open spaces for good Feng shui energy to flow freely, well taken care of bathrooms and utility rooms as these are often forgotten about. Vibrant energy where needed (kitchen) and relaxing energy where needed (bedroom).
Your home will have a good energy if it includes natural plants, plenty of light, fresh flowers, art and music. Happy people in your home = good energy.

What are the most common problems in homes ?

Some people feel when they want to start practising Feng shui that they need to buy Feng shui cures and redecorate their whole house, this is not the case. You do not need Feng shui cures (Chinese coins, mandarin ducks, Meneki Neko cats, frogs, fish etc) to create good energy. Bringing these into your home and possibly not liking them can often be a common mistake and actually attract bad energy.
Do not have a mirror facing your front door. It may look pretty, but any good energy coming into your home will be reflected right back out again!
Do not have a mirror facing your bed as it is believed to bring a third party into your relationship.
Don’t have your bed up tight again against a wall. It does not allow the energy to circulate.
No Tv in the bedroom, this is bad Feng shui for a relationship
Fix any plumbing issues in your home like leaking taps, as faulty, leaks, or drainage problems can reflect in your financial life, where you see your finances constantly going down the drain … Get them fixed!

A mirror facing the bed is considered bad Feng Shui

What are our first steps to start Feng Shui in our Home?

My number one piece of advice I always tell people when starting out is to completely declutter your home. This allows the energy (“chi”) to flow freely in the open spaces bringing more abundance of all kinds into your life

What type of Feng Shui do you practice?

There are two types/styles of Feng Shui – Traditional and Western Bagua.
Traditional Feng Shui is always defined by reading a compass from your front door.
Western Bagua does not use a compass, but a floor plan of your home to define the area.
Neither style works better than the other, they are just different ways of working with energy in your home. It is advised not to mix the two as it can be very confusing unless you are very experienced in Feng Shui.
I practise Western Feng Shui. It uses the same 9 areas as the Traditional Bagua, but not by taking compass directions into consideration. You simply align the floor plan of your house from the location of your front door, to the Bagua map to define your areas. This can also be done for just one room such as an office or business space. Once you know the 9 areas you can then apply the Feng shui elements and cures for each area.

What do we do to attract more money into our lives?

There are a number of ways to practice Feng Shui to help attract money.
You can bring elements and cures into your wealth area (back left corner of Western Bagua map) by including the element of wood, colours such as purple, red, blue. Gold is also a colour which represents wealth. Crystals to attract abundance and wealth such as citrine, pyrite. Water element (to nourish the wood element) such as an aquarium, fountain. Coins in a jar/bowl are a symbol of wealth. Declutter your purse/handbag – allow that money energy to flow!
Definitely a good clean flow of energy is also needed.
You can create a wealth corner bringing these elements/cures into it.

Put a jar of coins in your Wealth Corner for prosperity.

How do we attract love and romance?

You can attract love and romance by “acting as if” you already have a partner in your home if you are single. Leave room for their clothes in your wardrobe, space in a drawer, space in your bed – sleep on one side leaving room for them on the other.
Don’t place your bed tight against a wall, not only does this stop the flow of energy, but is also bad Feng shui for a partner as they have no where to get in or out of the bed
Also candles in your bedroom is good Feng shui for romance – a TV is a big NO NO!!
Colours for love of course are reds, pinks.
Rose Quartz crystals have a beautiful energy for attracting love and also for self love.

Can we practice Feng Shui ourselves, is it easy to get wrong?

Absolutely, you certainly can practice Feng Shui in your own home yourself. Yes it can be easy to get wrong, but you would need to be very serious or very experienced in Feng Shui to get it all exactly right! The most important thing is that this is all about working with energy and making small changes to your surroundings. It is very much about how you feel about your home and the energy around it. Always keep your home free of clutter to allow the energy to flow freely. Use a Bagua map and the floor plan of your house to define the energy areas and then bring some changes through colour, elements and cures to those areas to heighten the positive flow.
Don’t worry about getting it wrong as that itself will bring the wrong energy, just enjoy the positive flow of the changes you are making.

Will Feng Shui change our lives if we use it properly?

 Understand why you are creating this change, have fun with it, and bring all that positivity to each area of your home.
Loving where you live and being happy in your home by making some small changes incorporating your Bagua map, will create the right flow of energy.
Knowing you are following the basic principles of Feng Shui, can alone bring a more positive energy flow within you and into your home, which can change so much in your life – bringing with it happiness, positivity and abundance of all kinds in all areas of your life.

After speaking to Karen I have completely decluttered, and I have to say it feels great. I’m a bit of a hoarder; I had to be tough and throw lots away, but realistically I was never going to get back into those skinny jeans size 10! And why did I keep those old towels and odd pieces of linen for so long? I have not missed any of it, and I’m sure I won’t in the future. I’ve also made some small adjustments like adding plants, and also a coin jar. Apparently many women become millionaires in their 50s so fingers crossed!

Karen’s services include;

•Online Interior Design
•Feng Shui online advice & tips
•Crystals for Abundance/Self Development packs
•Monthly PDFs

If you would like to try any of these services, Karen has very kindly offered a 10% discount to my subscribers. Simply quote the word SHIRLAW when you can contact her here.

Or you can join Karen in her group on Facebook to find out more tips.

Natalie x

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  1. frances says:

    fab …. a great reminder to get back into Feng Shui!
    really well written to show how easy it is to work into our lives x

  2. Emily-Rose Braithwaite says:

    Fantastic article! I completely thrive off good energy in a home it’s really important to me! I’m off to do another declutter!! love the coin jar example x

    • Natalie Shirlaw says:

      I now have a coin jar in my wealth corner and it has really worked so far!

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