Flowering Tea is Blossom in a Cup

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If you love herbal teas, then you’ll adore Sanatio’s Wellness Flowering Tea which literally blossoms in your cup! Beautiful to look at, gorgeous to taste and good for you too.

I’m a huge fan of herbal teas and have been drinking them daily as an alternative to regular tea and coffee for the past 20 years. My favourites? I’ve tried so many flavours and brands but PUKKA and AVEDA teas stand out as their blends are both delicious, and of a high quality. I also like to drink green tea which gives me a much gentler boost than coffee. I try to avoid caffeine although I do love it as a treat!  Always on the lookout for new brands and blends, I was delighted to be sent Sanatio Naturalis Wellness Flowering Tea to trial.  Sanatio are known for their ‘gold standard’ essential and beauty oils which are hand-sourced by a team who travel all around the world in search of the purest raw materials.  Wellness Flowering Tea is their first tisane, so I was delighted to be able to try it for myself.

Sanatio flowering Wellness teas

Wellness Flowering Tea Caddy,  £18.50

Sanatio’s Flowering Tea comes in an elegant caddy which makes a perfect storage container once you have finished the tea.  The tea itself doesn’t come in teabag or loose tea form, but in a ‘bulb’ of compressed flower petals and leaves and individually wrapped to maintain freshness. The caddy contains 9 Blossoms: 3 x Floral Basket, 3 x Summer Bloom and 3 x Jasmine Wonders. I unwrapped a bulb, popped in my tea pot and watched in awe as it gently unfolded into the most beautiful flower.  Each bulb contains a blend of white tea,  jasmine blossom and marigold, carefully chosen to rejuvenate mind, body, soul – and to benefit the skin too. 

Sanatio Naturalis Floral blossom flowering tea

White Tea – Renowned for its subtle, delicate flavour,  White Tea has a wide range of health and well-being benefits. Rich in skin nurturing anti-oxidants, it helps to neutralize free radicals while boosting collagen and promoting radiance.  It also aids digestion and weight loss, boosts the metabolism, and lowers cholesterol levels.  An all round health elixir.

Marigold – A powerful medicinal herb, marigold is traditionally used to treat a variety of skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis.  It contains antioxidants, and is known for its anti-Inflammatory, antiseptic, skin healing, digestive-soothing and immune-boosting properties.

Jasmine Blossom – Soothing, calming, and relaxing,  Jasmine Blossom is naturally high in age-defying antioxidants.  It also promotes a sense of well-being and reduces stress.  Widely used in aromatherapy and beauty treatments for its euphoric, sedative and rejuvenating properties, jasmine blossom is also beneficial for the skin. 

Flowering tea

How to brew a Flowering Tea

The flowering teas are easy to use. Simply infuse one tea blossom bulb in 500ML of freshly-boiled water at 100°C.  You can use a speciality teapot, or a normal teapot and use a small sieve when you pour. Brew for 5 minutes and enjoy! Each tea bulb can be infused at least twice, and will make a minimum 2 litres of tea. Perfect on its own, it’s a delicious and delicate tea taken without milk and sugar. Normally I make a big jug of tea like in the picture above, then when I’ve had enough, I put the rest in the fridge and have it cold later – which I really enjoy too.

Leave – or Love?

Love! I found the Wellness tea to be of such high quality that I could use each bulb twice.  The flavours are also the perfect combination of taste without being overpowering. My favourite of the three blends is Jasmine Wonders although I loved them all.  A friend came round to visit and I gave her one to try.  She was so taken that she immediately ordered some for herself!  Previously, I have only ever tried a flowering tea of this quality in an artisanal coffee shop, and when I asked where I could buy them, I was disappointed to hear that they were from a retail-only stockist!  I’ve never found anything like it again until I discovered Sanatio’s tea. Quality flowering teas are hard to find, so grab some wellness tea while you can – sip and enjoy!

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Stay Well!

Natalie x

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