Can you replace alcohol with a plant-based elixir?

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I grew up in Scotland where socialising is mainly based around drinking alcohol. My home was a place for rowdy parties and fun times.  But there is a darker side, where alcohol has been a source of anxiety for me. I’ve experienced many family events where arguments and fights broke out simply down to over-indulgence in alcohol.  Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had a lot of fun drinking alcohol when I was clubbing and socialising, but  truth is, these days I just can’t handle drinking – and I’m not sure that I want to either.  I don’t enjoy having a hangover or the feeling of tiredness, grogginess and depression that accompanies it – it’s just not my bag! But what’s the alternative when we go out? Drinking sugary or sweetener-loaded soda isn’t a healthy option, but who wants to order a water at the bar when everyone else is having a gin and tonic or delicious cocktail? And in my experience, alcohol free drinks aren’t that appetising either.

Three Spirit Social Elixir

Meet Three Spirit Social Elixir, £24.99, a delicious alcohol free drink

And now for some good news! Three Spirit Social Elixir is a plant-based alcohol free drink created by some of the best bartenders in the world.  The plants have been carefully chosen to create effects similar to alcohol, helping you to relax and unwind, but with none of the negative downsides or after effects.  Pretty amazing, right? Rich and dark in colour and with a bittersweet taste,  you can drink it on it’s own or mix it with other ingredients to create a variety of cocktails.  The 11 plant extracts including Lion’s Mane, Cacao, Damiana, and Yerba Mate, work together harmoniously to promote feelings of wellbeing. The flavour is definitely unique, and as the Evening Standard Magazine reported – “is actually rather delicious.”

How to drink Three Spirit Social Elixir

Three Spirit can be used like an alcoholic spirit, with 50ml being the recommended measure.  You can have it straight up or ‘on the rocks’,  with ginger beer or tonic, or experiment with one of  Three Spirit’s bespoke cocktail recipes [see below].  This plant-infused drink creates a feeling of bliss and pleasure, but as with alcohol, caffeine or even herbal tea, it is recommended that you drink one serving at a time until you figure out what works best for you.  Three 50ml servings is recommended for one session and optimum results.  Three Spirit is unfiltered to maximise function and flavour, so expect some sediment.  I recommend that you gently shake or stir the elixir before serving, which also helps to ‘awaken’ the therapeutic powers of the plants.  A customer testimonial on Social Elixir’s website grabbed my attention;  “You will feel like the best version of yourself. More connected, perhaps more open, a little frisky or simply in the mood for a fun night out without booze.” I couldn’t wait to give it a try!

Three Spirit Cocktail Recipes

alcohol free plant based elixir


This option is great for a whiskey drinker and if you like your drinks strong and neat. The taste is earthy and pleasant but it takes a little getting used to in the same way that drinking a neat spirit takes time to become accustomed to.

Three spirit alcohol free espresso martini


This is my favourite! It’s very luxurious, and my partner and I both preferred the taste of this to an alcohol-based Espresso Martini as it’s sweeter, more palatable and not so bitter.  It looks and tastes very much like the real thing – only better! A real treat.

Three spirit alcohol free drink


This alcohol free drink would appeal to whiskey and soda lovers, although I felt I was drinking regular soda.  It didn’t give me that ‘special occasion’ feel when I was drinking it.

Alcohol free cocktail


I love this recipe. It feels like a ‘real’ cocktail – and it does have a small amount of alcohol in it which is just enough to give it a kick, but not enough to give you a hangover. I am trying not to drink regular Cola because of the sugar in the ‘full fat’ versions and the aspartame in the diet varieties, so I used Whole Earth Cola instead, which was perfect.  Definitely my second favourite of the Three Spirit!


Drinking this alcohol free alternative definitely gives you the feeling that you’re drinking alcohol, and is a much more sociable choice than drinking a soda or plain water.  Although is it an alcohol free drink there is a definite endorphin release, and a feeling of calmness that washes over you.  It’s similar to the feeling that you get when you have the first drink – slightly light headed, happy and calmer.  I did notice a definite difference! I would recommend drinking this in the evening, or at a social event, not in the morning before work, or you may end up ‘floating’ around the house, dancing barefoot and singing along to old club anthems!

Three Spirit is not for everyone.  If you are under 18, it’s not advisable to drink Three Spirit. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking specific medication or have a medical condition, please check with your doctor before trying it out.

You can order it online and it is also in some of the best bars and specialist retail stores in the UK; find a list of stockists here.  You can also follow @threespiritdrinks on social media for updates.


Natalie x

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