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My name is Amanda Bell, I’m a make up artist and friend of Natalie’s – we’ve worked together a few times, I recommended Natalie for the wedding at Highclere Castle that you read about earlier.

I love trying new products and when I heard Natalie had the very exclusive O’Right apparently the greenest products in the world I jumped at the opportunity to try them.

Natalie knows my hair well and recommended the goji berry volumising shampoo and conditioner duo that would be perfect for me, I could not wait to try them. I think one of the things that impressed me about the range was the tree in a bottle shampoo – when you finish the shampoo you can actually put the bottle in the ground – the bottle decomposes and a tree grows – how fantastic is that!


I have long, baby fine hair that you just have to look at and it tangles. I of course like shiny hair but so often products weigh my hair down so that it can appear lank easily (not a good look at all). But……I like shiny hair like a magpie is dazzled by jewels , so it is a bit of a catch 22. Also I have a ridiculously sensitive scalp which can flare up and become irritated by highly chemical based , (SLS) based , fragranced products- yes I am a *problem* head of hair

After using the Goji shampoo and conditioner

.The shampoo and conditioner have incredibly impressive *green* credentials, They are being marketed as the greenest products in the world at the moment and the ingredients are incredible, but this is a pro-product for sure. The shampoo cleanses and leaves hair *light and clean* and the conditioner is a brilliant detangler but does not weigh the hair down. I found that my hair really was left *fuller* and easier to style and I also had that all important shine. I am so impressed the question that I have now is…..what do I try next from the range……..Natalie??

These products are exclusive and only going into high end department stores and high end salons (thats why Natalie has them!)

Thank you Amanda, if you would like to keep up with Amanda and find out more of what she is up to; you can follow her on Instagram.


Amanda x


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    • Natalie
    • 13/05/2014

    You could try the goji be try volumising cream now Amanda – it leaves hair feeling very silky but gives volume at the same time! Amazing!

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