Key Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps emit a warm rosy-amber glow that helps you sleep. Plus they have a heap of health and wellbeing benefits. It is thought that Himalayan Salt Lamps can help to neutralise the negative effects of electronic devices, and remove dust and pollution from the air with negative ions.
how to use a Himalayan salt lamp


Natalie Shirlaw is a healthy living expert with over 10 years of experience in the field of holistic health, wellbeing, and fitness.

A qualified Wellness Coach and Nutritional Therapist, Natalie is passionate about helping women to live a healthier, happier, non-toxic life as naturally as possible.

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Bedtime wouldn’t be the same for me without my Himalayan Salt Lamps. Not only do Himalayan Salt Lamps emit a warm rosy-amber glow that helps me sleep, but they are also known to have a heap of health and wellbeing benefits.  And they add a beautiful, decorative touch to the room too! Want to find out more? Read on for my Himalayan Salt Lamp review!

The Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Himalayan Salt and Salt Lamps

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from, you guessed it, carved blocks of pure, food-grade Himalayan Salt.

Definitely a more eco-alternative to a traditional bedside lamp or nightlight.

Salt Lamps are also safer than candles as they are lit from within by a low-energy lightbulb, so you don’t need to worry about extinguishing it before you fall asleep. 

For me, one of the biggest benefits, and the thing that I love most, is the soft, diffused light these lamps give off. I really find it both comforting and relaxing.  

key benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

The Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt 

True Himalayan Salt comes from the western side of the Himalayan Mountains from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan.

Once mined, the salt is hand carved into lamps of all shapes and size, or powdered to use as salt in food. 

The only salt I now use in food and for cooking is Himalayan Pink Salt.  The reason?  When this salt is taken internally it is thought to help balance our body’s natural blood pH, also known as the acid-base balance. 

The optimal pH is 7.40 (on a scale of 0 to 14, where 0 is the most acidic and 14 is the most basic). When our blood pH is too acidic or too alkali, it can trigger illness. So it’s important to ensure that balance is maintained. 

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Uniquely, Himalayan Salt is also thought to be purer than other types of salt because it is hand-mined and hand-ground. 

It also contains more trace minerals than sea salt – 84 versus 72. So many alternative health experts believe Himalayan salt has more benefits than sea salt. 

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Let there be light: using a Himalayan Salt Lamp at home

Firstly, I don’t just use my Himalayan Salt Lamp at bedtime or in the bedroom.  I love the glow it creates while I’m meditating and relaxing. The gentle light of a Salt Lamp is the perfect alternative to candles if you have an alter for your meditation practice.

Wherever you place a lamp, it immediately changes the ambiance of the room. Usually, I find it turns it into a more ‘mindful’ space and instantly creates a soothing, relaxing vibe. 

I have several lamps, each one a different shape. From my heart crystal salt lamp which is just so pretty – and a little bit unusual –  to my favourite angel shape salt lamp.

My Angel lamp is my favourite for meditation and winding down, but these lamps have so many positive benefits around the home.


The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

According to research into the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps, the lamps are reported to emit negative ions.  One of the best ways to increase your exposure to health-boosting negative ions is to get outside and go for a walk. When that’s not an option, especially during the winter, having a salt lamp indoors can really help.

Like other crystals, Salt Lamps can help to neutralise the negative effects of electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, WiFi, and microwaves.

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There is evidence to suggest Salt Lamps can uplift our mood and increase energy levels. They may even help reduce the symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder.)  SAD is thought to be the result of sunlight deprivation in the winter months. 

  • Salt lamps may attract pollen, dust and smoke particles, helping to reduce some allergies. 
  • Regular users of Salt Lamps believe that they can help to re-energize and revitalize the body.
  • The warm low-level glow is similar to a campfire or candlelight. Perfect as a bedroom light source as it won’t prevent or disturb your sleep.
benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp

Do you have trouble winding down or sleeping?

Why not try a Himalayan Salt Lamp!

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Or do you already have a Himalayan lamp?  I’d love to hear if you’ve had any noticeable benefits.

Natalie Shirlaw is passionate about healthy living and writes posts about wellbeing. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to pin it or share it!

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