Hormonal Imbalance

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Hormonal imbalance is something we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. Most women have problems either during teenage years, and after having a baby, then just when we think it might be all over, the menopause hits.

The perimenopause has been the hardest experience of hormonal imbalance I’ve ever had. I have never really suffered with extreme PMS before, so entering the perimenopause has been quite a shock. I’ve experienced symptoms like extreme anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, low concentration and poor memory.

Trying to navigate your way through life normally is hard enough, without all of these symptoms constantly trying to destroy you. So I recently enlisted the help of Amanda Montalvo and Kim Jordan, and enrolled in their Body in Balance programme to help sort out my hormonal imbalance.


What is The Body in Balance Programme?

Body in Balance is an in-depth functional nutrition program specifically designed for women who want to overcome roadblocks to feeling their best, become more in tune with their bodies, and create healthy balance in their lives. Built upon nine Principles, this online program helps women reconnect with their intuition, help hormonal imbalance, replace restriction with proper nourishment, and naturally revitalize their bodies and minds.

The 9 Body in Balance Principles

  • Diet
  • Nutrition
  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Mind, Body, Spirit connection 
  • Hormonal balance
  • Exercise
  •  Toxin Elimination 
  • Herbs/Supplements

healthy diet plan

How I helped my Hormonal Imbalance

The course starts each week with a video of Amanda and Kim talking about one of the nine principles, and I was given different tasks to complete each week. Some of these tasks were mentally challenging, as I had to take a good long look at myself, self reflect, then make changes. Any big changes take determination and guts, but I was desperate to get my life back together, so I threw myself willingly into everything asked of me. My whole life took an overhaul; I cleaned out my food cupboards, organised my exercise routine, detoxed my home and journaled.

Here are some of my highlights from the course;

Diet & Gut Health

During this time in a woman’s life diet and nutrition is so important. Your gut also known as your second brain, needs more support than normal, as your body is going through so many physical changes, so I had to increase my nutrition. I learned new recipes to support my gut health, including kimchi slaw and bone broth, and even learned how to grow my own broccoli sprouts. 

Amanda and Kim are not vegetarian, as they believe you need some good quality meat in your diet, but there were still plenty new recipes for me to try. They also taught me about food labels, which I used to find a bit of minefield, so getting a better understanding of ingredients, was a great tool when doing my weekly shop.

Amanda and Kim recommend to give each meal some time, and to savour food. I was always rushing around, and quite often food was just something I needed to do to survive, I didn’t sit down and properly chew every mouthful, which was a really bad habit. My Grandma ate at the table with her family every night, while her Dad tapped the table 40 times with his walking cane, and the whole family chewed on command! It sounds a bit extreme these days, but my Grandma lived till she was 101 and never had a stomach complaint. There is always an element of truth in these old fashioned remedies! I was definitely in a bad habit of eating at my computer, or in front of the TV, so I have found sitting at the table every night has helped me enjoy my food more, and be more sociable. My digestion has definitely thanked me, and so has my family.

Getting in Tune with Your Cycle

I got caught out by my period every month and it was my fault because I never tracked my period. Why have I never done this before – now it’s almost too late. I’m 50 years old, and have only just become organised enough to track it, thanks to this programme. This advice has helped me understand why I sometimes feel tired, or am craving certain foods. It’s also helped me get to know my body better, and work with monthly cycle.

If like me, you are completely disorganised every month and would like to track your period, try this app. It’s a game changer!



This module was all about learning to listen to our bodies more, and to eat and exercise intuitively. This was a real eye opener for me, as often I push myself to do exercise I don’t want to do, and why? Exercise should be fun not a chore, so I found journaling about exercise useful, and it also helped me get more organised. Writing down the days and times in my diary helped me fit more sessions in, and also check I was working on all my body parts too.

Non Toxic Swaps

When I really looked closely at my home, I was amazed at how many toxic products I owned.  Apparently even my bed was toxic! I have learned so much from Amanda’s Facebook page  Your Non Toxic Life, and have been busy replacing all my Tupperware with glass containers, after learning how plastic disrupts our hormones. I also recently got a Berkey Water Filter System on Amanda and Kim’s recommendation, and I have to say it’s been one of my best investments. Water tastes so much better without chlorine, fluoride, hormones and everything else tap water comes with!



I hadn’t done much of this since I was a teenager, but again a real eye opener. I got an insight into myself, and how I was feeling. Thrashing things out with myself helped clear my fuzzy brain, and made things clearer in my own mind.

Here were the main benefits I got from it ;


I found that journaling helped bring me mindfulness, and kept me focused. It stopped my mind wandering, and writing down all my frustrations really helped iron them out, and understand what ones to work on, and what ones to let go of.

Achieving Goals

Journaling helped me set more detailed goals. Writing down goals makes them more concrete and achievable, almost like you can touch them. When I think of goals in my head they seem a lot further away, and fuzzier. Writing down goals signals to your brain they are important, as your reticular activating system then flags up relevant opportunities, to achieve that goal. I’ve now noticed I’m regularly hitting goals, as they are clearer and more defined.


I also found journaling very healing, I think I was so much in my “head” before I couldn’t think straight. Writing everything down in black and white made me see things clearly and address what I needed to, and let go of what really wasn’t important. 

Dutch Test

Amanda and Kim also recommended I did a Dutch Test, which revealed what I already suspected – I was a hormonal mess! Luckily I was put on a supplement plan that sorted this out, which again has been invaluable. I was blindly going into Health stores before, buying a million supplements, but until I found out exactly what I needed, it was all a bit hit and miss.


I would highly recommend this course for anyone feeling out of sorts hormonally, or that simply feels their life needs a health overhaul. It is a really well structured programme and covers absolutely everything health wise you could think of. The journaling and Facebook group kept me motivated, and it was great to connect with other women experiencing similar issues. I really love Amanda and Kim too, they are both are grounded, caring, understanding, compassionate and extremely easy to talk to. I really enjoyed The Body in Balance programme, and I changed many things in my life because of it, and for that I will always be grateful to Amanda and Kim. When I look back to the months before I started, my energy levels were low, my mood was low, and I had lost my zest for life. Sometimes I can’t believe the difference in myself, I’m back at the gym, I’m more organised, I’m sleeping better, but most of all I feel alive again.

If you are interested and would like to enquire about The Body in Balance programme, or would like to work with Kim and Amanda – they have very kindly offered a free 30 minute discovery call to any of my subscribers;

CLICK ON THIS LINK TO BOOK: http://bit.ly/YNTLcall

Or you can follow Body in Balance on Facebook, or follow the girls on Instagram – Amanda and Kim.

If you’ve been struggling with hormone imbalance, you might also like to listen to the talk Amanda gave in my Facebook Group.

For anyone trying to sort their diet out – you may also find this post interesting – 5 Top Tips to Quit Sugar.

Let me know in the comments below if you have had any issues with hormones and hormonal imbalance!

Natalie x



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