How to Connect to Angels with Charles Virtue

Angels are spritual beings of the highest vibration who are powerful, non-denominational energetic entities that are on this planet to help guide us to purpose and peace.
how to connect with your angels


Natalie Shirlaw is a healthy living expert with over 10 years of experience in the field of holistic health, wellbeing, and fitness.

A qualified Wellness Coach and Nutritional Therapist, Natalie is passionate about helping women to live a healthier, happier, non-toxic life as naturally as possible.

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I don’t know what age I realised my mum was “different” but I do remember being very young. Growing up in the seventies in Scotland, there were not many people like her. She was interested in nutrition, her cupboards were full of supplements, and she preferred to visit Jan de Vries, rather than her GP.

But the thing that really stood out to me was; my Mum talked to the “other side.” She regularly communicated with the spirit world and was quite open about it. My Dad would laugh it off and say there’s no such thing. And my brother and I would sit wide-eyed, not knowing what parent to believe. 

When my Mum died, I was only 24, and totally heartbroken. But one of the ways I could still feel close to her was, to continue her practices. I continued to eat well, tried alternative medicine, and I was curious about “the other side” and what that really meant.  

So I read books, studied meditation and Reiki, and this is how I discovered Angels and came to meet Charles Virtue.

My beautiful mum age 26

About Charles Virtue

Charles Virtue comes from a very spiritual family and has led a very interesting life. It has not always been easy, which is probably the reason he is such a great coach and healer. I find Charles grounded, charming and authentic, but one of the things I like most about him is that he’s very engaging. In fact, I can listen to him all day without losing focus, which I think, is one of his gifts.

As well as studying Angel therapy with him in 2009, I believe he taught me everything I needed to know about Angels, and how to connect with them.

Angel Therapy

Charles taught me that I can ask my Angels for help when I need it, and how to do that. Not only that, he taught me how to see and hear Angel messages, and also how to read Angel cards. Angel cards have been an amazing addition to my life. They have really helped me with decisions, and their lovely messages really comfort me when I need it. It’s certainly a skill I enjoyed learning and have continued to use a lot.

I was absolutely thrilled when Charles agreed to help me write this blog. And I hope this post will help my readers connect to their Angels, and enjoy this practice as much as I have. 

What are Angels

What are Angels?

While we often talk about Angels as being individuals, it’s important to understand that this is the energy we are actually working with. More importantly, Angels have no bodies – so they will respond to the names we give them, but they do not actually maintain the sense of individuality we humans experience.

Angels are extensions of God, of Heaven. They are powerful, non-denominational energetic entities that are on this planet to help guide us to purpose and peace.

Angels are the Voice of God

I like to think of the Angels as the voice of God (or the Creator, Source, however you describe higher powers) or as the voice of the Divine. They are the everyday, human accessible liaisons to the source of life. In fact, they are just as much here with us individually as they are everywhere also on our planet.

Angels are like the air we breathe, and no matter how much or little attention we pay to them, they have always been there and always will. There are no rules or rituals to working with angels, the only requirement is an open heart.

If you want to find out who and what the angels are, simply ask them to become interactive in your life. We have free will, so if we use that to ask for help we will often and sometimes immediately be shown that the angels are real, and they want to help.

how to connect to angels

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are sometimes difficult to describe because they are, what are typically considered our ‘personal angels’. This cocoon (if you will) of energy serves as our personal and direct link to heaven. The energy of these guardians is there to comfort and console us. But just as important to motivate and inspire us to do great things.

Difference between a deceased loved one and an Angel

When a loved one passes on they have the opportunity to come back to the planet in spirit form to be with those they loved and were close with. These souls are what we call Spirit Guides. These loving souls will work with us and guide us just like the angels, but it is important to remember that they are not Angels.

They can feel exactly like an Angel because they love us and want to help us – but this guidance is still human guidance and should be handled as such. Only Heaven and the Angels can see our true path. So while our spirit guides can be very helpful, they do not possess another worldly knowledge just because they have passed on.

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Spirit Guides are not Angels

The reason it is important for me to highlight this distinction is that Heaven wants us to live our own unique lives. It can sometimes be tempting to follow the guidance of our spirit guides so much that we begin to live a new version of their lives.

Spirit guides are there to accompany you, to bring you healing and reassurance – to maintain their connection with you. Angels are there to help you make incredible changes in your life.

How to get messages from our Angels

How to connect to our Angels

Believe it or not, despite what we do or do not believe in, we are all connected with the Angels. When we do not pay attention to, or even know about the angels this connection is one-sided – they are there for us, waiting to help when needed or when asked.

To actually feel and see tangible proof of the Angels we must choose to become interactive with them. Start by asking them to help you with any problems you have in life. Ask them to show you sign that you are on the right path.

Those who write more letters, receive more mail – while so many of us sit around waiting for proof that angels are real – the Angels are patiently waiting for us to ask them for it.

white feathers are signs from Angels

Messages and Signs

Angels are capable of literally any type of message. Typical examples of angelic messages and guidance are repeated feelings to make a change. The number one way to be sure the message you are receiving is angelic and not your imagination is to look for consistency in the message over time. If the Angels ever ask you to make a change – if you are not sure if this is Heaven or just your fear at work, do nothing.

The Angels will never ask us to act on anything but complete faith – and if the message was in fact from Heaven, it will keep coming in the exact same form. Angels often show us signs – and this can be anything that distracts your attention away from whatever you were doing at the moment. A sign can sometimes have a direct and applicable message. And if it does – you’ll know it immediately.

But often time signs are just meant to be little. Constant reminders that the Angels are with us and that we are on the right path – which can be very reassuring if you have doubts.

Why We have to Ask our Angels for help

This is one of the most common questions I receive about the Angels. Logic dictates that there should be a level of autonomy to the human/heaven relationship – and it’s common to be confused by the reality of it all. It all comes down to free will.

Free will is just as much a gift as it is a responsibility – we are allowed to live our lives, shape our societies and treat each other however we want. God will not interfere. That’s why I get so frustrated when things go wrong and people blame God. We are the ones causing 99% of the trouble on this planet – and we have the freedom to do so.

Ask Your Angels

Ask Your Angels

If we want a crazy, unpredictable world – we have the freedom to create that. Conversely, if we want a safe, comfortable and happy world we have the exact same power to pursue it. Our free will means that (in most cases) Heaven will not interfere with our planet or individual lives unless we ask.

Once we realise the power of our free will, we can begin to use that to our advantage. It’s important to remember that modern angelic spirituality does not consider Angels to be genies, slaves our every whim. Angels are actually our peers – our partners and are just as excited and enthusiastic about our happiness and well being as we are.

The ultimate goal of all life is to seek and find enlightenment – to release our fears/egos and to evolve spiritually. And Heaven is so excited anytime a human embarks on this pursuit. Heaven wants us to be happy, probably more than we do – so there are no limits to the ways or frequency heaven can and will help.

how to work with angels

How will our lives be different by working with Angels?

One of the first and most remarkable changes that often occur when one begins working with Angels is that you will begin to realise that you do. in fact, have a life purpose. You being to see that each of us is here for a divine reason and that all life is precious and important.

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What then begins to happen as you put more attention into your purpose is that you stop comparing yourself and your life/status to others. You realise that each of us is on their own path and ultimately there is nothing to compare.

Stop Judging Yourself

When you stop categorising and judging yourself, miraculously you find yourself doing this less to others. Thus begins the first and most essential step towards happiness and inner peace. Once you start to experience and acclimate to this peace, it becomes your new reality and your new baseline for existence.

Since the universe constantly works with us to attract the energy that we put out, our happiness begins to attract more opportunities for happiness. This upward spiral continues and we start to work on healing from past pain/trauma and disappointment.

Angel therapy

Working with Angels

Those that commit to working with angels on a regular basis often find that it isn’t our lives that are different, it is us who is. I want to take this moment to point out that there is an illusion in our world that pain, suffering, and loss are just a part of life. We humans do not realise how powerful we are and how immediate our thoughts can alter our lives.

It is all too common for one bad situation to lead to another because we struggle to find the hope/optimism to snap ourselves out of unhappiness, pain and misery. There is no rule, heavenly, universal or otherwise that states that we must suffer and that life will always be unfair.

Law of Attraction

The reason humans are so good at manifesting bad situations is that we have zero doubt they can come true. So based on the rules of manifestation we are perfectly attracting negativity. We remain skeptical that it is possible or easy to just as easily attract happiness because too many of us are caught so deeply in a spiral of negative thought that we simply cannot see a logical path out of it.

It is in these moments where using our free will to call upon Heaven is most essential. The angels can and will help us break any negative patterns by helping us to feel the powerful and unconditional love of heaven.

All we have to do is ask,

“Angels, please help me to have the power and clarity to permanently delete any negative patterns in my life”.

The most important step after asking the angels for help is to let it go, live your life and let heaven get to work.

If you do this often enough you’ll eventually find yourself in a situation where you are explaining this process to someone else, hoping that they use this knowledge, as I am hoping for you.

experiences with angels

My personal experience working with Angels

My personal experience working with Angels is they connect me to a higher vibration, where I find my best self, where I feel happier and more content. Life becomes easier, things fall into place, and the struggle seems to disappear. 

Angels haven’t brought me lottery winnings but instead, have brought me new opportunities and doors to step through. This, in turn, has lead me down a new path, where I learn new lessons and discover new experiences. More importantly, I believe Angels have guided me to this point in my life. And who knows, maybe if I had won the lottery, perhaps I would just be bumming around now, idly bringing nothing of value to the world! Maybe part of my purpose has been to write this post, to help the people reading it understand about Angels, and how they can help us in our lives.

Charles Virtue

Finally, I would like to thank Charles for taking the time out of his busy schedule to help me get this post together. This has been, without a doubt, my favourite post so far. I love talking about Angels and how they benefit us.

If you would like to work with Charles, he now teaches a variety of online classes in download format, or you can find his full list of classes here. I also highly recommend Charles’s books. His latest book “Manifesting with the Angels” is available here. Or you can follow Charles on Facebook and Instagram.

Have you got a story or had an experience with Angels? Please share them in the comments below!

Natalie Shirlaw is passionate about healthy living and writes posts about wellbeing. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to pin it or share it!

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