Easy Vegan Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Lisa Marley is the owner of the very successful company, The Cocoa Box With over 80,000 people passing through its doors to date Lisa is constantly striving to create new and inspiring cooking events. Having taught entrepreneurs such as Jo Fairley, (founder of Green and Blacks chocolate) to the Women’s Institute (WI), junior and senior school children her style appeals to a broad range of people from all walks of life. Lisa and The Cocoa Box Ltd are keen supporters of the Katie Piper Foundation and regularly host events for the beneficiaries.

As well as writing a popular blog she has contributed recipes, restaurant reviews and top tips for publications including; Cosmopolitan magazine, Village, and Top Ten Gourmet Destinations. She loves travelling and discovering new exciting flavours and recipes and has recently written reviews for restaurants in New York, Marrakesh, Verona and Tobago. Lisa believes by exposing herself to different cultures and cuisines it helps her to keep her cooking fresh and interesting.

Lisa regularly films recipes and enjoys presenting at the Cake and Bake shows, BBC Good Food Shows and the Ideal Home exhibition. She is frequently asked to write recipes and host live demonstrations for top brands such as Rachel’s Dairy, Emerald Street and John Lewis. Her relaxed, friendly approach ensures her audience is certain to try her recipes at home armed with great tips and knowledge. Lisa is currently working on her first book and an exciting TV project. Lisa is also currently teaching cooking classes for KitchenAid at their experience store, in Wigmore Street, London, throughout 2018. You can book tickets at the KitchenAid website. Lisa will be sharing her recipes at food festivals throughout 2018, as well as filming regularly for her YouTube channel and other productions.

Vegan Truffles


150ml Coconut milk
20g Coconut oil
300g Dark Chocolate, chopped ( I like to use Divine )
125g Cacao Powder – can use cocoa powder as a substitute
Heat the coconut milk and coconut oil in a saucepan until simmering
Remove from the heat and add the chocolate
Gently swirl the saucepan to coat the chocolate
Stir with a spoon to combine
Pour into a shallow bowl and allow to cool and set ( approx 3 hours )
Hand roll into walnut sized balls and coat in the cacao powder
Vegan Chocolate Brownie Recipe
Pre Heat the oven to 180oc/350/Gas 4
Grease and line a 20cm square cake tin ( I use coconut oil  )



80ml Coconut oil
250g Dark Chocolate, chopped ( I use divine )
1 Large, ripe banana, mashed
30ml Agave Nectar
225ml Coconut Milk (not tinned, I use KoKo)
175g Self Raising Flour
35g Cocoa Powder
100g Unrefined coconut sugar
200g Walnut pieces
Melt the coconut oil and dark chocolate in a medium pan over a low heat.
Remove from the heat and whisk in the coconut sugar.
Add the mashed banana, agave nectar and coconut milk and mix to combine.
Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into the mixture and stir to combine.
Stir in the walnut pieces saving a few to sprinkle on top.
Pour into the greased and lined tin and spread out evenly.
Add the remaining walnut pieces
Bake for 20 minutes, you want it to be gooey in the middle.
Cool in the tray, turn out and cut into squares

If you would like Lisa to host a party or event for you, you can contact her here.

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Thank you so much for sharing your recipes and inspiring us Lisa!

These recipes are so super easy to do, even I managed to make them.

You can see my efforts on Instagram. If you try these recipes at home, please post your photos below, or tag us in on Instagram – we would love to see them!

Natalie x

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