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DoTerra essential Oils

Living Naturally are a family run business whose artisan products are all handmade in the UK from 100% vegan, natural and organic, ethically sourced, sustainable & cruelty-free ingredients. I first heard of them from my client Jade, who is vegan and we are always chatting about new products we have tried, so when she told me about Soapnuts, I was desperate to try them out.


What are Soapnuts?

Soapnuts are a berry shell that naturally contain soap. They are an organic product that grow on trees. In rural places in India, people wash their clothes and hair with them. They are highly effective but gentle at the same time. Soapnuts can be used in the washing machine, on all fabrics and at any temperature, and are great for people with sensitive skin, allergies, eczema, and psoriasis. They are so gentle, they are perfect for baby’s and children’s clothes. 

Soapnuts are 100% biodegradable and compostable, and reusable. When you have used them 3 – 4 times, the soap will be finished, and they start to break and fall apart. When this happens you can use them in your garden as a snail and slug repellent, or you can make the remains into a foaming wash. Simply put the leftovers into a blender with 500ml water,  and use to wash dishes, hands, vegetables, surfaces, or as Soapnuts are anti fungal, they make a great pet wash.

Natural Pet Soap

The smell of freshly washed laundry is something I love, but it’s important to remember that breathing in artificial fragrance may be bad for our health, and is linked to cancer, allergies, dermatitis, migraines, respiratory problems, and is extremely disruptive for our hormones. So getting used to using natural fragrances on clothes, and bed linen is a small price to pay. The strange thing, is we adapt so quickly, when I smell strong artificial fragrance now, it immediately makes me feel ill, so even though your laundry might not smell so highly fragranced, soapnuts clean the clothes efficiently, and you soon get used to a more natural fragrance on your clothes.

DoTerra essential Oils

How to Use

Soapnuts  come with a fabric bag, simply add 5 – 7 shells into the bag, and tie the bag (tightly or they drop out, or secure with a clip) and put in the washing machine drum. You can put the washbag in warm water for a few minutes beforehand, to help release the soap, I like doing this step, but you don’t have to. You can also add 15 – 30 drops of lavender, or lemon essential oil to your washbag, to increase fragrance.

If your prefer laundry liquid, simply boil the nuts first in some boiling water for 30 minutes,  it’s best to boil before using, or you can store the liquid in the fridge afterwards, then simply pour ½ cup in your washing machine, before use.

Living Naturally Soap Nuts


All Living Naturally Products are ;

  • Made in the Uk
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Sustainable
  • Ethical
  • Cruelty free
  • Free from SLSs, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Palm Oil, Artificial additives or fragrances.


The other amazing thing about this product is the cost;

 £11.99 for 240 washes- that sold it for me! 


If you would like to try Soapnuts, you can purchase them here.

Or you can follow them on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Let me know if you try them, and what you think!

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Natalie x



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