My Favourite Natural Vegan Moisturiser

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Malmal Beauty is a hand made, natural skincare range, using only organic and food grade ingredients. I have been really enjoying their posts on Instagram and the look of their products. One product really stood out to me, the Avocado Mousse Moisturiser, so I decided to give it a try.

The Avocado Mousse is Malmal Beauty’s current best seller. It’s a moisturiser that has a mousse consistency, and is very rich and nourishing. It is also very light, yet penetrating, made with avocado oil that replenishes dry skin. Avocado oil hydrates and moisturises skin, and helps shield the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Mango butter is used as the base of the moisturiser, and this is because it is non greasy. Mango butter is also rich in vitamin A and C, so it encourages skin to appear more plump and look tighter, giving it a revitalized, glowing look.

Malmal in English means Myrrh.

The woman behind the products is Asli Mohamed, Asli grew in England but is of Somali heritage. Asli learned the benefits of using natural products when she stayed in Somalia with relatives. The products she had used in England were not available there, so the local women became great teachers. Asli began to see an immense difference natural products had on her hair and body, and she truly began to feel the benefits of using plants like aloe Vera, gob tree and safflower.

Asli’s aim is to create beauty products that are 100% natural yet still luxurious.

Asli went on to do a degree in Health and Wellbeing, further understanding the importance of holistic health. She then did more research on the everyday products on the shelf here in the UK, and was horrified to find out many contained harmful ingredients like parabenssynthetic fragrance, and formaldehyde. Ingredients like these can cause us serious damage. 60-80% of what we put on our body enters our blood stream, and I learned in my last post, how badly this can not only affect our health, but also our hormones.

Nearly all ingredients are food grade and organic

Asli wanted to spread her knowledge in natural products, and created Malmal Beauty. She was determined to make the range affordable, making it accessible to everyone. After receiving great feedback from family and friends, Asli began to sell her range on Etsy. Malmal Beauty has now become a popular range on Etsy, so they are ready to launch their own website, and this goes live in May.

Hydrating yet Non Greasy

I have been using moisturiser for over 20 years and I am convinced this is one of the best I have ever used. I found my skin was glowing within a few days of using it, and it also felt a lot more nourished. I loved the way it moisturised my face so effortlessly, yet without feeling greasy. The fact it is hand made, with food grade ingredients, is a real bonus, and I really enjoy buying from a small business too.

I would like to wish Asli every success with her products and launch – I am sure this is a range to watch out for in the future.

If you would like to try the Malmal avocado mousse, it is priced at £12 and you can purchase it here.

To view the full range on Etsy, click here.  There are some other interesting products to try, such as the Tumeric Exfoliating Face Mask or the Mango Body Butter sounds delicious, and definitely one I am going to try.


Natalie x

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