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On my journey to follow a more vegan lifestyle, I’ve encountered a couple of stumbling blocks along the way. Many women love shoes and handbags and I am no exception. At age 50, my collection has grown to some considerable size, a collection to be proud of. However, as you would expect, many of these are made with real leather; this was a real issue for me, what should I do? Do I eat plant based diet but not follow through on lifestyle? Do I get rid of it all?

For now, I have decided to give some of my handbags away to friends who would love them as I have, and some of my beloved shoes have been sold on Ebay. I have decided to keep a few items for now, but going forward, I will no longer purchase leather goods, bags and shoes included. So, my search for vegan handbags began. To my disappointment, many bags I found were not very stylish, or suited to my requirements or taste. It’s worth noting though, that this market is definitely growing and improving, which is great news.

One of my clients, Ann, recommended that I look up Mia Tui. 

Mia Tui Handbags

MiaTui is a beautiful range of vegan bags that are incredibly practical and, most importantly, very stylish. I love their website and I also love Ann’s story about Mia Tui.

I’ll let Ann tell you a little more¦

The Jennie Bag

My first bag was the Jennie and I loved that it arrived so quickly, in time for a weekend away. It was perfect and I knew that I was already hooked. This is my Jennie below and I got this lovely make up bag and travel bag also. One of my main requirements is that a bag (of any size) should be light when empty, not leather and the right price.

The Matilda Mae Bag

I next ordered a Matilda Mae but after I completed my order, I worried that I’d selected the wrong one. I phoned Charlotte the owner and she immediately said, not to worry, she would send me an alternative with a returns envelope and wait until I had both in front of me so I could decide which one I wanted to keep. Great customer service, another tick. Another great bonus is you earn loyalty points to redeem on future purchases. Since then I have recommended these bags to so many friends who have bought them and of course, I have taken advantage of offers (and there are always offers) to order several new bags.

The Megan Bag

Megan came with make-up bags and large toiletry bags or even a matching clutch. Clara is my most recent purchase and in my favourite shade of blue too. The first backpack was pinched by my daughter in law and taken to New York as a handy baby bag; I quickly replaced it because I couldn’t live without it.

Over Christmas, I bought many bags from Mia Tui as presents: shoppers, make-up bags and even a folding backpack for my son; I can honestly say I am addicted and am already eyeing the new rose gold coloured bags.  

The Elise Bag

So of course after Ann’s recommendation, I had to try one; I ordered the Elise bag in pewter. 

I was so pleased when it arrived with a make up bag to match and a handy clear bag for toiletries too. 

Mia Tui Handbags are so Stylish and Organised

I found Mia Tui are truly made for women. How many times have you looked for your keys, purse or phone, only to be met with loads of stuff in a mess at the bottom of your handbag? And not a key, purse or phone in sight? This will no longer be a problem with a Mia Tui bag. 

Watch my video for a look around my organised handbag!

As you can see these bags are designed with holders and spaces for everything: your keys, your phone, your pen (no more biro on your lining,) your laptop and more importantly doggy poo bags.

Most bags also come with their own make-up bags and some of the make-up bags are even compartmentalised – genius.

Ann’s beautifully organised make up bag!

I’m absolutely delighted with my bag. Not only is it stylish, it is vegan and I have the most organised handbag ever – the joy of that alone is immeasurable. I am also supporting a small business, owned by a woman and no animal was harmed in the process; what more can we ask for?

If you would like to purchase a bag from MiaTui you can find the full selection here.

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