5 Good Reasons to Try Mooncup

As we become more aware of the damage we are causing to the environment, many of us are looking for more sustainable ways of living; ways that reduce and limit our footprint on the planet. We recycle and reduce; making more conscious decisions ans attempting more mindful consumption.

However, unlike our male counterparts, women must also dispose of sanitary products on a monthly basis. When I got to thinking about this a little more, I thought of the millions of sanitary products that require disposal around the world, every month – let alone , in a year or lifetime. It is impossible to imagine the impact this has on our environment, not to mention the terrific cost (and don’t get me started on Tampon Tax.)

I started to look for other ways to deal with my monthly problem and discovered Mooncup

Mooncup is a soft medical grade silicone cup that you insert the same way you would a tampon. It’s more eco-friendly than tampons or sanitary pads by dramatically reducing the waste produced during our “monthlies.” Using a Mooncup also reduces the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (although this is a very rare condition.)

Mooncup comes in 2 sizes and you can find the size guide here.

I found the Moon cup to be –

  • Comfortable

I didn’t notice when it was in and I had no leakage. It holds more than 3 times the amount of liquid a tampon would.

  • Convenient

It is very small and easy to carry around, it comes in a small pouch so no more bulky packaging in your handbag.

  • Clean

I loved the fact you simply empty it into the toilet and then wash it out ; ready to reuse immediately, The Mooncup feels cleaner and more hygienic than any other product I’ve used.

  • Cheaper

The mooncup retails for a one off payment of £19.99 so a much cheaper alternative than a lifetime cost of around £10 per month on disaposable items.

  • Gentle

The mooncup is latex free, hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain dye, perfume, BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches or toxins so ideal for sensitive skins or allergies.

In fact the only downside I have found is, when you are using a public toilet booth it can be a little messy if you haven’t got access to the hand basin inside the toilet area. However that’s a small price to be to feel cleaner and healthier, cut down on costs and be kinder to our planet.

If you would like to try the Mooncup, you can purchase one here.

If you try it, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Natalie x

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