Great Bath Oil for a Good Nights Sleep

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First of all a big thank you to the 2 people who recommended this Olverum bath oil to me Charlotte and Rosie both of whom, have helped me enormously in getting this blog up and running so a massive thank you to both people on both counts.

As part of my self care routine I have made the decision to indulge in a bath occasionally, I normally shower as it is quicker and more environmentally friendly, but recently, it has been so cold in our old farmhouse, a hot bath is lovely. I’ve also been winding down by listening to various spiritual talks whilst soaking , a little indulgence in self care has gone a long way.

Sleep, at this stage of a woman’s life is challenging – to say the least. Once our babies have grown up and flown the nest, we might assume that blissful, consecutive and interrupted nights of slumber would be on the cards. Well as I have discovered, we must think again; thanks to my hormones I am up and down all night, once again.

So now more than ever, a hot bath with essential oils is just the ticket before bed.

Olverum is a high quality, vegan bath oil that smells absolutely divine. In fact , before I had even opened the box I could smell the delicious oils through the packaging. It is a family recipe that dates back to the 1920s when Franz and Edith Klein perfected the blend from herbs in their garden and initially made just 7 litres. It has since become a cult product and now their son Peter is carrying on the family tradition and marketing it to a wider audience.

Read the Olverum story here.

Olverum contains a magnificent 48% worth of essential oils including ; Siberian Fir needle, eucalyptus , lemon, lavender, geranium, lime, rosemary. It’s so condensed you only need to use half a capful. Not only did my skin feel soft and silky after my bath, it smelt fabulous too. I kept finding myself catching hints of essential oils throughout the evening – and my bathroom smelt amazing too.

I’m also happy to report I had a lovely rested nights sleep after this lovely bath too – hurrah!

If you would like to purchase an Olverum bath oil, you can find one here.

Natalie x

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