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organic ethical baby range

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It’s that of year – Christmas is around the corner and I am looking for ethical sustainable gifts to give this year. There has never been a more important time than now to make a positive change to our planet, so in the next few weeks I will be looking for suitable items, to still enjoy the gift of giving at Christmas, but in a more sustainable way. I have a Zero Waste Christmas Gift Guide coming up so look out for that!

Christmas is all about children and I have found a beautiful organic baby’s clothing line. When you think about how delicate a baby’s skin is, what you choose to wrap it in becomes ever so more important. Not only that but after discovering plastic is in so many clothing lines, why would we not want to put our children in ethical healthier materials. Choosing organic cotton items not only protect against sensitivity on a baby’s delicate skin, but we are also protecting their future by helping the world they grow up in. It’s all about choice and there are no excuses especially when it doesn’t break the bank.

Lunaciel are a creative and innovative label whose focus is exclusivity, quality, the environment and sustainabilty. Their baby clothes are made from high end organic cotton, and are designed for softness, breathability, warmth and durability. Lunaciel are a German company and their production takes place in a rural location, in the centre of nature. They use the best quality materials; harmless to health and nature, and are exclusively designed with great attention to detail. Their beautiful assortment of baby clothes are for all sorts of occasions and I think they make the perfect Christmas gift for friends and loved ones.

Here are some of my best picks;

organic baby sleeping bag

Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag

These organic sleeping bags are just gorgeous – I wish things like this had been around when my daughter was small. These cotton sacks are made of 99% organic cotton and are beautifully soft against a baby’s skin. These bags are perfect for the cradle, cot or stroller; organic cotton absorbs moisture, keeping the baby comfortable without overheating or cooling. They come in a variety of pretty colours and patterns and retail between £16 – £23, so a perfect gift for friends or family with newborns.

organic cotton baby beanie hat

Organic Cotton Baby Beanie Hat

Keep babies warm this winter with this stylish organic cotton beanie which not only protects the baby’s head, it is also light and easy to wear. Hats look so cute on babies and help them stand out in the crowd. A baby’s head and skin are very sensitive so this cotton is high quality to avoid any scratching and irritations. This cute hat comes in a variety of colours and retails at £11.93

organic cotton baby gloves

Organic Mittens

These sweet cotton fleece mittens are 99% cotton and will protect the baby’s hands from cold windy weather. They are really fluffy soft and will suit even the most delicate of skins. I love the pattern and attention to detail; they retail at £9.09

organic baby scarf

Organic Teddy Scarf

This cute little baby scarf comes in a variety of colours and is 100% cotton. It has a teddy fleece back to protect the baby’s neck from the wind and weather; ideal for winter walks on cold days. The scarf is fluffy and cosy and will keep the baby warm whatever the weather. It retails at £13.77.

organic cotton baby joggers

Organic Sweat Pants

These gorgeous baby sweat pants are made of high quality organic cotton and are extremely comfortable and durable for little babies on the move. Suitable for boys or girls as they come in a variety of colours and patterns and retail at £9.17. Are these just not the cutest? 

Everything on the Lunaciel website is in stock, so there is no wait time on items, and shipping to the UK costs a mere £3.68 – so get shopping!

Think I’m feeling a bit broody looking at all these baby clothes! Shopping for babies is so much fun as everything is just so cute. The great thing about Christmas shopping online is you miss all the busy crowds, and browse at your leisure in the comfort of your pyjamas!

These are some of my favourite items from Lucaniel and I think that they are really reasonably priced too. I hope these have given you some great ideas for stocking fillers, or even helped you find the perfect gifts for loved ones and their little ones this Christmas.

If you would like to browse through the full Lunaciel collection you can visit the website here.

Or you can follow Lunaciel on social media; InstagramFacebook or Pinterest.

If you are worried about baby skin sensitivity, you could give soapnuts a try; these are a natural, organic, non toxic laundry alternative that is also zero waste and very economical, so be sure to check out that post. 

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I will be coming up with some more ethical shopping ideas soon so stay tuned!

Natalie x

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  1. Great brands. I’ll check them out for my kids.

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