Organic Skincare and Self Love – Are They The Same?

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Many of us are trying to switch over to organic skincare, after learning scary facts about parabens, and discovering many personal-care products contain chemicals linked to cancer. Moving over from big brand products to organic ones can be a bit of a minefield; sometimes companies claim to be organic or natural, only to discover they are neither! And sometimes the products don’t work as well, and we end up going back to our “normal” product.

So I’m delighted to introduce you to a company who truly are what they claim to be; organic and natural, and who have great ethics and morals. Awake Organics are a family run business that have infused food grade ingredients with the perfect essential oils. A product line that helps not only your physical, but also your spiritual wellbeing. Melissa Kimbell believes that when you use products you love, your body responds positively, so you are not only increasing your self care, but also your self love.

Melissa Kimbell

Who are Awake Organics and Why Organic Skincare?

Awake Organics have developed an organic skincare range containing food grade ingredients, that are organic and cruelty free. Every product is carefully made with sustainable ingredients, that leave little or no impact on the environment, and all the materials are carefully sourced and packaged in the UK, keeping money in the local economy .

Many of their products have already won awards like The Green Parent Awards and The Beauty Shortlist Awards, and have been featured in magazines like Psychologies  (my favourite magazine with my favourite columnist Shaa!) and You Magazine.

awake organics

The two products I tried were the New Sea Quartz Crystal Algae Cleanser and the Frankincense Divine Skin Concentrate.


Awake Organics sea quartz crystal

This Sea Quartz Crystal Algae Cleanser is a brand new product from Awake Organics. It is made with superfine genuine clear quartz crystals, (yes crystals!) and other delicious ingredients like spirulina, organic turmeric, brown rice and hemp seed oil.

This powerhouse vegan cleanser can be used every day as the crystals are very finely milled. I found I got just the right amount of exfoliation, without experiencing any sensitivity. I have struggled till now to find an exfoliator for my face. I normally find them either too rough, and my skin ends up red and blotchy, or too fine and they don’t really do anything, or even worse, they contain microbeads. I found this cleanser to be the perfect consistency; it cleansed my face, removed the dead skin, and left my skin looking smoother, cleaner, fresher looking and baby soft, without any redness.

The Algae Cleanser retails at £26.50, and the great news is you can try a sample first for £2.25 if you are worried about sensitivity – what a great idea !

How to Use


Awake Organics Frankinsense Divine Skin Concentrate

The Frankin-Sense Divine Skin Concentrate has been specially created for mature, or dehydrated skin, so is perfect for my skin. Frankincense is a powerful anti-ageing essential oil that protects the skin at a cellular level. It helps reduce fine lines, prevents wrinkles, and tighten large pores – it even helps lift and tighten the skin. Frankincense is also one of the purest and most expensive essential oils, so this moisturiser feels decadent and luxurious, yet with a price tag of £29.99, also highly affordable. The texture is interesting; it feels almost waxy without being greasy, it soaks in well without disappearing, and it left my skin feeling soft and supple. It has a beautiful fragrance too, without being overpowering – a definite winner from me!

How to Use

If you skin needs an extra boost you could try a few drops of the brightening serum beforehand. I love using an oil or serum before my moisturiser as my skin is quite dry. I have been using Nichola Joss’s facial massage technique, massaging my serum in as I apply.  I absolutely love Nichola’s technique so I think this is the perfect combination for great skin!

I’m delighted to have found Awake Organics and am a total convert! I am also going to try their deodorant, which I’ve seen gets amazing reviews. They also have a natural perfume coming out soon, which I’m particularly excited about, as this is another natural beauty swap I have yet make!

If you would like to discover more about Awake Organics, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, or sign up to their newsletter here. You can also join their Natural Holistic Living UK group on Facebook.

Hope you enjoyed this post – are you looking for an organic skincare range? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Natalie x

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