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I love exercise, but this year I have been so busy, I have struggled to meet my gym buddy Donna and get my execise session in, so I asked Brittney from Organinzingly for some help getting myself organised. Brittney is a 19-year-old college student whose passion is being organised. Brittney is studying nursing, but would also be suited to becoming a professional organising guru. Her blog has helped many students with organisation skills, with posts like 10 Simple Steps to Squash Procrastination, or The Ultimate College Shopping List you can see Brittney takes organisation seriously! Below are her tips on getting organised to exercise;

Brittany from Organinzingly

Brittney’s Tips

Working out is hard. You get sweaty, and your heart pounds. It is just no fun overall. However, the results from working out are amazing. Not only does your body appreciate the exercise, but those post-Zumba endorphins are a mood-booster. And then you want to work out again. It is kind of like magic. But, what isn’t magic is getting out of bed to go run at 5 am. So here are some tips on scheduling in your exercise so that you actually go do it;

Morning Vs Night

If you are exercising for a particular goal, you need to schedule in your exercise for a specific time of the day. But for most of us, the most important factor is you do it, so fit it in when you can. It depends on what kind of person you are. So, if you can hop out of bed and start your day, the morning is most likely the best time for you to work out. If you stay up into the late hours of the night, then a post-dinner trip to the gym may be more your style. But, don’t get stuck in the idea that you are one way or the other. Try both to see if even though you like getting up at 5 am, a later workout makes it easier on your schedule.

womens sneakers
Good Training Shoes are essential

Fixed Time

I have this problem where I will schedule something for a specific time, say 6 pm, and if I miss that time, I don’t do the thing. This is detrimental to your ability to exercise. What if your best friend wants to go see a movie at 5:45? Are you just not going to work out that night? If you are me, then yes. Yet, you read this blog post for a reason. You want to exercise. So don’t fall into the same trap I do. Let yourself be flexible by going to the gym right after dinner (whenever dinner is) or immediately after waking up in the morning. It will help you in the long-run.

Schedule It

This is going to sound like contradictory advice compared to the above, but I promise it’s not! Even though you shouldn’t schedule a specific time to exercise, like 5 in the morning, you should still schedule a time to work out. If you never put into your daily schedule that you need to run for thirty minutes, you are going to end up doing something else. So whether it be a part of your morning routine, your after work commute home, or how you settle down for the night, you always have that chunk of time set aside.

Get organised with an exercise schedule

Quick Workouts

This section of the post I want to go over some quick workouts that are easy to do if you are in a time crunch. These are beginner-friendly. If, after a while, you feel like these are too easy, definitely talk to a personal trainer or do some research to see how you can amp up your routine.


I think one of the easiest exercises to do is go on a run. This isn’t going to get you super toned, but, it is getting your heart pumping, and that is the most crucial part of exercise. The reason running is so easy is that it is very versatile. All you have to do to prepare for a run is tie on your tennis shoes and head out the door! You can run for the full thirty minutes without having to worry if your form or technique is correct. It is the simplest way to burn those calories.

If you live in a mellow-weather town, you can go on morning or evening jogs outside any time of the year. It feels good to breathe in the fresh air, and I am all for taking my dog out to get his daily exercise too. If you live in a more extreme environment, don’t discount running. During good bouts of weather, take my advice on going outside. But, if it is snowing and you still want to get your run in – head over to the gym! Treadmills are readily available, and you can continue this workout year-round.

Going for a run
Taking your dog out and running is a great way to save time!

No Equipment Needed!

If you do want to get toned, try some “no equipment” workouts. You can find so many of these online, but some of my favorites are ones you’ve probably been doing since elementary school P.E. sit ups, crunches, and planks target your abdomen and are really easy to bust out on the living room floor. Squats and lunges tone up your legs and butt. Finally, if you grab something semi-heavy (start off with something that is 2 lbs and work your way up), you can even tone your arms by lifting that object over your head repeatedly. The beauty about these workouts is that you don’t even have to leave your house. You could do these in your pyjamas right after you wake up in the morning. Super quick and easy for those of you trying to squeeze it into your day.



One Last Piece of Advice

These are some tips I have adopted into my own routine to get me to work out more. But, the number one piece of advice I can give is that you have to want to work out to actually do it. If you don’t have the motivation, you aren’t going to want to do the work, so here are some tips to get you started.  I hope this post helped you schedule in some exercise time into your hectic schedule.

Thank you so much to Brittney for helping me get organised with my exercise schedule!

If you liked what you read, go ahead and visit Brittney’s blog Organizingly for more organization and time management tips. You can also find Brittney on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank you to Donna for showing me the exercises – if you would like to see more of Donna’s tips you can follow her on Instagram.

Are you organised with your fitness routine?

 Let me know in the comments below – till next time!


Natalie x

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