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Natural vegan bleach

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Turning over to natural products can be difficult, as sometimes, they don’t work as efficiently as you would like. But as you all know, it’s my mission to find the best natural alternatives, and post them here on my blog. So it’s been quite a journey finding a natural vegan bleach. Working as a hairdresser, I need a bleach with a good lifting ability, that doesn’t compromise the condition of the hair.  Many women want techniques such as balayage, bright ash blonde highlights, a full head blonde result, and sometimes pastel toners. To get these results, I need a bleach that gives a strong lift, but one that still respects the hair fibre. It’s been very difficult to find a bleach that is natural, and on top of that, vegan, that has these abilities.

After 2 years of research I have at last found an amazing product; Oway’s Butter Bleach.  Hbleach is a bleaching cream butter with a Kukui butter base, and is enriched with 3 precious oils; biodynamic lavender oil, ethically sourced date oil and organic perilla oil. Kukui is a nut butter than Hawaiian women have used for years, to solve all their hair and scalp issues. It promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss, hydrates hair and is also believed to reduce inflammation, burning and itching; so it makes the perfect ingredient for the base of a bleach. Surprisingly this is the first bleach on the market to contain Kukui butter, so I feel very lucky to have found this product.

This bleach mixes up like cream frosting; such a beautifully smooth consistency, and it’s very easy to apply. Getting the right consistency is also very easy ; thicker for balayage techniques and slightly creamier for on scalp techniques.  As a hairdresser I’ve lost count of the times, I’ve had to try and whisk lumps out of bleach, and normally it can be quite tricky, to get the right consistency for techniques.

This bleach has no ammonia but the most amazing thing for me was; it has no odour – nothing. It is such a great experience for clients to have their hair bleached, and not have horrible fumes leaking out. The other really interesting thing about this bleach is the scalp comfort; it feels like cream cheese on scalp and causes no itching, and with no pinkness afterwards. So clients feel more relaxed, without fearing, that their bleach is burning their hair and scalp.

Even though this bleach is natural, it has the ability to lift 5 – 6 levels, and one of the things I love the most, is the lovely clean blonde lift it gives. Many clients want a clean blonde finish, and this delivers that perfectly. My client Hollie above likes bright blonde highlights, so she was very pleased with this result.

This picture above is Jess, and I have been bleaching her hair for a while. If you look closely, you will see her ends are a slightly dirtier blonde; this is the result from the last bleach I was using, I have used the Oway butter bleach on the last couple of applications, and you can see the difference; the colour looks much cleaner. Jess has been delighted with this bleach, and also loved there was no itching on scalp. Jess has also found, she didn’t need to use the purple toning shampoo and conditioner at all this time, where she had been using it weekly before.

This is Jade above, Jade is a strict vegan and lives a complete vegan lifestyle. Jade loves pastel coloured hair, but to get pastel toners to work properly, you need a very clean lift on the blonde first to get a good result. We were really struggling to find a vegan bleach that had that capacity. We tried lots, and found the best one, was one you couldn’t use on scalp, so I had to try and create this look using foils, which was incredibly hard work for me. I also wasn’t happy with the conditioning elements of the product, it left the hair feeling a bit dehydrated, and so we had been using Olaplex to compensate.

This is the second application of Hbleach in this photo, with a peach toner on top, and what a transformation. Jade didn’t have to sit for hours, she got the colour she wanted, with much better condition, and with no compromise to her lifestyle.

I have been absolutely delighted with Hbleach, it’s lifting ability, and also the lack of stress it puts on the hair, leaving hair strong and shiny, and in great condition. I have to say in 30 years of hairdressing; this is the best bleach I have ever used. On top of that, it is natural, paraben free, ammonia free and vegan. It’s been an absolute joy to use, and I can’t recommend it highly enough – at long last, bleaching doesn’t have to be bad for your hair.


Natalie x




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