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As a hairdresser, I am always looking for natural and organic products that work effectively. They say you get the clientele you project, and I certainly have many clients who are vegan, or who love paraben free, and natural ranges. My clients love trying out different products, that solve problems they have with their hair and scalp; such as lack of volume, dry scalp, and hair lacking moisture and shine.

The only product range that ever blew me away immediately, was when I started working with Aveda products back in 1993, their range was something I had never come across before, they were innovative, natural and worked effectively. I loved this company so much I worked with them for over 15 years. Unfortunately when I moved to Kent and set up my own small salon, Aveda refused to supply to me as I was too small an account. I was really disappointed, and so started searching for other brands with similar values.

After trying out various brands, I came across a few problems, I could get very effective products and colours that worked well, but they weren’t natural or vegan, I could get natural and vegan products, but they weren’t as effective, and the results were nowhere near as good as the big brand ranges.  I continued my search, and I have finally found a product range I absolutely love and have 100% confidence in. Oway are an Italian company, whose products are all natural and mainly vegan. Their ingredients have been biodynamically farmed using essential oils, organic and fair trade ingredients. I first learned about Biodynamic farming when I went to visit Weleda’s farm; Biodynamic farming is a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming.

Their packaging is eco and sustainable yet still beautifully stylish. Products come in pharmaceutical grade amber glass bottles and jars, and the conditioner tubes are made from 100% recyclable aluminium. The most important factor for me, is the products deliver high quality Salon results.

I ordered in a variety of products to give me good idea of the range and after testing these out, I have been so impressed.

My favourite products so far;

Moisturising Hair bath 

This shampoo contains Biodynamic Hazel, which softens and nourishes the hair fibre. It also contains Organic Honey to nourish and add shine, and Ethical Murumuru which repairs dry, brittle hair and adds proteins. This shampoo lathers up nicely for a natural product, and I find it adds moisture to even the most dry brittle hair, and makes it feel like brand new again. I’ve had at least 3 clients tell me it has been the best shampoo the have ever used, and I have only just started retailing it. It retails at £18.60 for 240ml.


Precious Wax

What I love about this wax is; it is just the right consistency, not too waxy and not too greasy – just perfect for creating texture without weighing the hair down. Ingredients include Biodynamic Marrubium to protect hair against UV, Organic Black Quinoa to nourish and protect hair fibre, and Ethically produced Marsula that hydrates and protects the hair. It smells incredible too and retails at £18.90.


Glossy Nectar

This is a serum which shines, nourishes and rebuilds hair, leaving it soft, silky and manageable. It also protects it from heat sources. Ingredients include biodynamic marrubium, which reinforces the structure of the hair and protects from UV, and organic black quinoa which nourishes and protects hair fibre. This retails at £17.50


Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair. It smells divine, and is surprisingly light for an oil, I found it to smooth and add shine, without weighing the hair down.


No Rinse Conditioner

No rinse moisturising conditioner is for very dry dehydrated hair, or thick frizzy hair. This instantly detangles the most difficult or knotty hair. Ingredients include Organic Honey to add shine, and Biodynamic Hazel to soften and nourish the hair fibre. A must have for long hair that tangles easily and feels dehydrated. It retails at £25.75.

I have also recently started using some of their hair colours and bleach.The butter bleach is in a different league to anything else I’ve ever used and deserves it’s own post, so keep your eye out as I will be releasing this soon.

If you are interested in any of the Oway products or are unsure what to use in your hair, please contact me here for more information.

Natalie x


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