The Expert Guide to Regrow Your Hair Naturally

Whether you’re looking for expert advice and top tips on how to regrow your hair naturally or you’re one of the many people who have experienced hair loss or hair thinning as a result of Covid, help is at hand. If you want hair gain now, there are plenty of ways to stimulate your hair follicles and to boost hair volume.
How to Regrow Female hair after Hair Loss


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Whether you’re looking for expert advice and top tips on how to regrow your hair naturally or you’re one of the many people who have experienced hair loss or hair thinning as a result of Covid, help is at hand. If you want hair gain now, there are plenty of ways to stimulate your hair follicles and to boost hair volume.

2020 will be remembered as the year of  ‘bad hair days’, (along with Zoom calls and Joe Wicks’ workouts!)  And by the looks of it, it’s going to be a while before we get our hair mojo back! Not surprisingly, the combination of at-home DIY hairdressing and the anxiety caused by lockdown has taken its toll on our beloved crowning glories.  To help you regrow your hair naturally, I’m sharing some of my own top tips, along with some expert rescue remedies and my favourite natural product picks!  So, whether your hair is fragile, fine or you’re losing a little bit more than usual, read on for some tried-and-tested tips.

Regrow your Hair Naturally

best natural hair growth products

What causes hair loss?

Hair fall and breakage can happen for all sorts of reasons, with hormonal changes (post-pregnancy and the menopause in particular), long-term stress, nutritional deficiencies and over-processing being some of the more common causes. Hair fall tends to be more common during the winter months. The cold, dry air outdoors, coupled with central heating and lack of humidity can cause the skin, scalp and hair to become dehydrated and brittle which can trigger breakage and hair fall.  With proper care and a balanced diet, we can control hair thinning, breakage and seasonal hair loss.  

Can you eat your way to healthier hair?

The answer is yes! Healthy hair starts from within and a well-balanced diet goes a long way to ensuring that your hair is as bouncy and bountiful as possible. For healthy hair growth, eating a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and protein which are all key in providing a plentiful supply of vitamins and minerals including iron, zinc, and vitamin B (B12, biotin, and B5) is essential. Optimal levels of vitamin C and D are also vital for maintaining a healthy head of hair.  Normal hair fall shouldn’t be confused with hair thinning or Alopecia areata, which is caused by the immune system attacking the follicles which produce hair. Although this condition is not reversible, recent research has suggested that nutritional therapy may help to slow down hair loss by helping to support the immune system. 

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Invest in Hair Gain Now – a hair-enhancing supplement

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There are a multitude of nutritional supplements designed to support healthy hair growth.  If you think your diet may be lacking in the key vitamins and minerals, it may be worth investing in specially formulated hair supplements, especially if you have been under the weather or suffer from long term stress.  For an intensive hair boost, Hair Gain is a vegan-friendly, gluten-free supplement that has been scientifically formulated to promote visibly thicker, fuller, and stronger hair. This unique edible ‘hair care’ range contains organic pea shoot extract, clinically proven to reduce hair loss and support stronger hair.

Packed with all the essential vitamins needed for this time of year, Hair Gain Now includes Vitamin C, Zinc, and Biotin and is available as both Hair Gain Gummies and Hair Gain Capsules.  “With fewer salon visits this year, clients have had to take better care of their hair themselves,” says celebrity session stylist, Pete Burkill, whose clients include Stella Maxwell, Wallis Day, and Lily Allen. “As everyone has had more time to look at their hair, they are more conscious about its condition, especially as a result of hair loss from Covid-19 or general ‘2020 stress’.  That’s why they are looking at supplements like Hair Gain to regrow hair naturally and for thicker, fuller hair.”

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natural hair growth products

Deep condition with a hair mask  

Regular conditioning is vital to replenish hydrate the scalp and to prevent seasonal hair fall.  To keep hair and scalp in tip-top condition and to ensure both are well-nourished, apply a weekly intensive hair mask.  Masks are a welcome hair boost during the winter months, helping to combat the effects of heating products and cold winter winds. Look for masks that contain natural botanical oils including avocado, sunflower and Rahua oils, and shea butter, all of which are intensively moisturising.  

“As the cuticle plays a major role in protecting the more delicate inner part of the hair known as the cortex, weekly deep conditioning masks help to slow down the natural weathering of the cuticle and can help improve the hair’s moisture content,” recommends trichologist Samantha Stewart from the Spencer Clinic.

One of my favourite hair treats is Rahua’s Omega 9 Hair Mask. It boosts elasticity and deeply hydrates the hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and tangle-free. A blend of nourishing Rahua oil and pure, plant-based ingredients, it is paraben and sulfate-free, sustainably-sourced, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. And I can confirm that it really works!

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Try a weekly ‘partial’ blow-dry

Ditch the hairdryer! You can’t be serious? It may seem unthinkable to put your hairdryer down, but just cutting down on blow-drying can really improve hair condition. So, why not try a partial blow-dry once a week during the winter? The excessive heat and air pressure from constant blow-drying can damage hair cuticles over time, so taking a break once in a while brings visible benefits. The less time hair is exposed to extreme heat, the better off it will be in the long run. “If you can, try to minimise heat during the colder months. With the lack of moisture in the hair, it’s especially susceptible to damage in the winter,” says Samantha Stewart.

Top Tips to reduce hair fall and to strengthen fine, fragile hair

Make time for self-care

Making time for yourself can help you to live a balanced lifestyle and reduce your stress levels. Have a long, hot bath with all the trimmings – scented candle, aromatherapy oil, and relaxing music – or just take some time out to watch an upbeat or uplifting film snuggled up on the sofa. The less stressed you are, the better your hair will regrow naturally.

Improve your diet

For this reason, introducing more fruit and veg plus probiotics to improve gut health is a good idea. These are key to optimising your nutrient intake and absorption. Find more plant-based meal ideas here.

Up your levels of hair-boosting minerals

Minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Selenium and Silica are all vital for healthy hair. 

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Get as much quality sleep as possible

A good night’s sleep reduces levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which can impact our general health and wellbeing. Find my top 10 tips for a natural night’s sleep here.

Move your body!

Regular exercise is good for the heart, good for the head – and good for the hair!  But don’t overdo it. Over-exercising can be counterproductive, especially if you struggle with exhaustion or have been unwell. Yoga Download is a great option so is walking, or if you prefer fitness classes I love Beachbody workouts.

Minimise toxic exposure

Reduce your intake of over-processed and pre-packaged foods and swap to natural, non-toxic products around your home to minimise exposure to harmful chemicals. Find my favourite non-toxic cleaning products here.

Carve out at least 15 minutes a day of quiet time.

Introduce some daily meditation (all forms are beneficial), deep belly breathing, yoga, or mindfulness practice. As well as reducing your stress levels it will increase levels of feel-good endorphins, hormones that make us feel blissed out. Read a Beginners Guide to meditation here.

Focus on bringing more joy into your life!

Happiness is key to our health and wellbeing. Did you know keeping a gratitude journal can increase your happiness, find out more here!

Natalie Shirlaw is passionate about healthy living and writes posts about wellbeing. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to pin it or share it!

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