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“Everything is Energy” is a quote that has been used by many philosophers, and I believe it to be true. Energy work plays an important role in my life , and Reiki is something I’ve practised for about 10 years. I have given treatments, but mainly I use it for myself and my family, I really enjoy the way it helps you get in tune with yourself, soothe frazzled nerves, and puts you back on an even keel. I asked Reiki Master and teacher Sunayana Clark a few questions to give us a bit more insight into Reiki, and how it works.

What is Reiki?

It is defined as a Japanese method of deep relaxation. It is non-denominational; it has no religious affiliations. It was introduced to Japan by Dr Mikao Usui. He trained Dr Hayashi, who in turn worked with Mrs Takata -she was of American Japanese descent. Mrs Takata is responsible for bringing Reiki to the West.

My personal experience of Reiki is that it takes you to a place of peace and rejuvenation that is very comforting in today’s busy world. It slows my chattering mind, allowing me to rest and hear my hearts desires and be guided by my own inner voice. It has eased my pain – emotional, mental and physical – helping me to grow as a person. And it has sustained me through the most painful of times.

How does Reiki work?

When a client comes for a treatment, the practitioner places their hands on or just above the client’s body, the client is actually pulling the Reiki through the practitioner into themselves. In other words, we are the pipe or conduit through which Reiki flows. We do not call ourselves healers – we are practitioners of Reiki – as we cannot heal anyone else. We can alleviate and aid their recovery but ultimately each person is responsible for their own healing.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

For each person it will be different. As a practitioner, I believe that Reiki has its own awareness and it is seeking to bring you into balance mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. So someone in physical pain may feel that ease, others may feel their emotions release so that they are no longer crippled by them. And those on their spiritual journeys will often find that they examine and deepen their existing faith or perhaps go on to discover a new faith. The one constant of Reiki is that it will bring more peace into your life and help your soul growth.


Can Reiki ease painful conditions?

Absolutely, if you suffer from aching limbs or shoulders, you can apply Reiki to yourself daily. Sometimes the pain relief is instantaneous, and for others is a more gradual reduction of pain levels. I have treated individuals with backache, stiff shoulders and sore necks, migraine, knee pain (related to arthritis.) When I fractured my ankle, I practised on myself for pain relief.

Can Reiki help reduce stress, anxiety and depression?

My niche at work is helping to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression in my clients. Stress and anxiety appear to me, intuitively, as the disconnection from source. Sometimes the person has forgotten that they are connected to source (God/Universe) at all times, and that all their needs are met. When we forget we forget to live from our hearts and instead try to control our lives from our ego (head). With the help of Reiki we remember to reconnect to our hearts, we feel more peaceful and once more realise that we are never alone.

My intuitive impression of depression is that a misalignment of the spiritual body and the physical body has occurred. This maybe for many reasons including a shock to the system such as bereavement or a job loss or even divorce. The Reiki helps to bring these two bodies back into alignment.

How will Reiki help us ease anger over situations?

Reiki is always seeking to bring you back into balance. If you are angry about a situation, there will normally be more than one person involved. Each person brings their emotions, baggage and beliefs to each situation. You can send Reiki to a situation so that all parties involved feel that they are heard, acknowledged and are gaining what they need from the situation. Sometimes that may mean that you end up having an argument to clear the air, but when you look back, you can see how everyone has been helped. Other times, you will feel that you are happy to take a step back and let events unfold easily and without having to force anything.

Reiki treatment

Does it help with clarity when making decisions?

If you have a big decision to make and are torn between choices, you can use Reiki to centre yourself. When you practise Reiki on yourself regularly, it is normal to enter a meditative state. When in that state, the confusing emotions are left behind and your path is clearer making it easier to make a decision.

What can we expect at a Reiki session?

The client lies fully dressed on a couch. I like to make sure mine are warm and cosy, with blankets and pillows to help them enjoy the experience more. The practitioner places their hands on or just above your head. After a few minutes, they will move on to the next point. All the positions are connected to the physical chakra points: Crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base chakras. The treatment is finished off at the feet, grounding the client so that they can enjoy the rest of their day. The aim of the treatment is to release anything that no longer serves you and to bring you into balance and a deep state of relaxation. When you are in this state of relaxation, your body is not in the fight or flight mode. Your breathing is deeper, your thinking is clearer and you feel emotionally lighter.

How does distance Reiki work?

We are all connected energetically. Quantum physics has proved this. When I send Reiki, I see all of us connected on an undulating net. Each of us is a bright light on the corner of a square. So when I intend to send Reiki to a specific person, I know that the Reiki will make its way there.


What are Reiki symbols and what do they do?

The symbols are fine tuning of the Reiki energy and help to focus the energy. They work on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and can be used to send Reiki over time and distance.

Are Reiki Practitioners Healers?

We are taught that to call ourselves healers means that we take on the responsibility of healing the person we are treating. However as Dr Usui found out, everyone is responsible for their own healing. Instead we are practitioners of Reiki. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I teach this to my students.

Any other tips?

In my ideal world everyone would learn at least Usui Reiki level 1. That way we could all give ourselves Reiki daily. This would mean we could enjoy amazing health and swap regularly. The world around us would change dramatically. If you are interested in Reiki, I would suggest having a set of 3 or 4 treatments to really see how it can help you. If you are meant to learn Reiki you will find out whilst having the treatments.

What do I need to know if I want to learn Reiki?

Firstly, your Reiki Master Teacher should be someone who makes you feel supported and are willing to answer your questions, no matter how silly you feel they are. Secondly, ask your friends who they learned with – nothing beats recommendations. Have a treatment with your Reiki Master – you will get a sense of how they work and if you want to work with them. Lastly there are many forms of Reiki but as Usui Reiki was the first one to come to the west, my recommendation is to start by learning that and then seeing where your journey takes you.

Useful Resources:
The Reiki Association
William Randa website: reiki.org

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