Start Your Plastic Free Journey with These 6 Products!

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Instagram is a great platform to connect with people, find like minded friends who share your beliefs and passions, and meet people on similar journeys to yourself. I started following Eco Green Revolution a few months ago and was fascinated by all the posts of their plastic free, zero waste products.

Suzanne only launched Eco Green Revolution a few months ago, like many of us Suzanne was horrified after watching the BBC series Blue Planet,  and decided to start taking steps to become plastic free and zero waste. After struggling to find products and enough stores supplying these type of products, Suzanne set up her own store, helping others take steps to become plastic free. Suzanne has personally tried and tested all of the products, taking out all the hard work of research for us, so helping us find it easier to cross over from big brand products.

All the companies Suzanne sources her products from are carbon neutral and all the products are palm oil free.

Bamboo Toothbrush


I invested in a bamboo toothbrush as I’ve been reading a lot about them lately. I was horrified to read over a billion toothbrushes end up in landfill a year; if we all made that swap what a difference we would make!

The handle is crafted from sustainable, organic bamboo which is naturally antibacterial. This Bamboo is inedible to pandas and comes from an FSC managed sustainable forest. The bristles are DuPont nylon as recommended by dentists, to care for your teeth and gums.

I found the toothbrush very comfortable, and actually a lot nicer in your mouth than plastic ones, so I don’t know why I didn’t move over sooner. It cleans my teeth well, is a nice size and the bristles are kind on my gums; a very successful swap!

charcoal dental floss


I’d never seen this charcoal minty dental floss before, so I was very excited to try it.

This floss is made with bamboo charcoal, beeswax and peppermint essential oil. This floss is packed in a zero-waste and plastic free glass container, and the metal dispensing lid allows you to easily cut the floss. I found it easy to use, and it has a nicer texture than normal dental floss with a lovely minty taste; again a very successful swap!

Himalayan Salt Bar


The Himalayan salt in this soap exfoliates your skin, and the organic shea butter added will nourish and moisturise it. Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils will leave you feeling refreshed, and help clear the sinuses.

Wild Sage & Co use a cold process method when making all their soaps, and this process is what makes them so moisturising. There are a few different ones to try Charcoal Detox Vegan Soap, 3 Flowers and Clay Soap and Rosemary and Lavender Soap. Again if we all move back over to bars of soap, instead of shower gels in plastic bottles, think of the difference we would make!

Eco Body Scrub


This scrub helps to cleanse, balance and rejuvenate your skin. Wild sage & Co use natural cold pressed organic Rosehip Seed Oil; rosehip is renowned in skincare for its powerful anti-ageing effects, helping to smooth out wrinkles, improve skin texture and lessen the appearance of brown age spots. 

I love exfoliating my skin but had been put off with the whole plastic microbeads scandal. So it was lovely to find a product I can use that has no impact on our oceans and wildlife. I love the way my skin felt after exfoliating with this scrub; glowing and smooth. I have very sensitive skin, and experienced no irritation; a great swap!

Soapnut Shampoo Bar

As a hairdresser you can imagine I am very snobby about shampoos, and shampoo soap bars are normally a no no for me! I still love Oway shampoo as a high end product, but this shampoo bar is great for every day, and ideal for travel as it’s weightless with no packaging. It is made with organic coconut milk for superior lather, organic avocado which moisturises and deep conditions, and rice bran oil for added conditioning properties.

I found this shampoo bar to be nourishing and moisturising, and is suitable for normal and dry hair. I really liked it, it didn’t dry my hair out at all and cleansed it really well. I also used it on Kerr my dog, and found it really good for him too. I love Living Naturally Soapnuts as a natural laundry alternative, so this is another winner with me too.

Shade Suncreen


It is amazing at long last, not only find a natural sunscreen that works, but one that is plastic free. With reports that some sun creams are more carcinogenic than the sun, it’s more important than ever to use a natural one. Shade sunscreen has only 4 ingredients; shea butter, coconut oil, zinc oxide and beeswax.  It has a SPF of 25 and moisturises at the same time as protecting your skin. Shade have been winners 3 years in a row at the Green Parent Beauty Awards with this amazing plastic free, natural sunscreen. I found it easy to apply, I sat it in the sun for a few minutes before applying as coconut oil can sometimes go quite hard when it’s cold. I found it really easy to apply, and it moisturised as well as protected my skin. The SPF works just as well as any of the big brand products I’ve used; another great swap!

Hope you enjoyed these plastic free swaps – till next time!

Natalie x

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