One of my work colleagues and friend Frances Prescott has brought out her very own product – Tri Balm.

Tri balm is a 3 in 1 product, it cleanses, gently exfoliates and moisturises all in one. It is vegan, paraben free and has not been tested on animals. I really love the packaging too, it looks very striking in my bathroom.

Frances has trained and worked in film and TV doing make up for over 20 years. She has worked on many high end fashion magazines including Vogue, HarpersBazaar and Cosmopolitan amongst others and has travelled the world on numerous beauty and fashion editorials and campaigns , working with models and celebrities. So the next step for Frances was to bring out her own line. Frances loves working with skin and even offers specialist facials from her own bespoke studio in her spare time so this product is something she felt was lacking in the marketplace.

Tri balm is in stick form which I love , as it feels a lot cleaner than to keep dipping your fingers in a pot, and it is a lovely waxy consistency which is very easy to apply. Tri Balm also has a very natural smell , no high fragrance, so it is great for sensitive skin.

I use it by gently rubbing it in all around my face to remove my foundation and I gently rub around the eye area to take off my eye make up and mascara. Then I use a warm damp muslin cloth and wipe it all off. My skin always feels lovely and clean and I don’t have to apply moisturiser afterwards either.

I even took it on holiday this year as it’s lightweight and so easy to carry around instead of a big tub of cleanser and moisturiser.

I’m in good company loving my Tri Balm , so far I’ve seen it countless magazines including The Times magazine, Glamour magazine, Good HouseKeeping , Country and Townhouse, The Independent , and countless blogs including Lisa Eldridge and Beauty Geek and so many more and all with glowing reviews! And it’s just about to launch in Liberty – how fantastic !

If you would like to try Tri Balm it is sold online Here .

Hope you all like Tri Balm as much as I do.

Natalie x

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