Tri Balm

Tri-balm is a three in one product. Created using sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients, Tri-Balm is free from parabens, silicones, and synthetics – and it's also cruelty-free. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise all in one!
Tri Balm review


Natalie Shirlaw is a healthy living expert with over 10 years of experience in the field of holistic health, wellbeing, and fitness.

A qualified Wellness Coach and Nutritional Therapist, Natalie is passionate about helping women to live a healthier, happier, non-toxic life as naturally as possible.

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Frances Prescott, leading facialist and make-up artist (who I’m lucky to work with regularly on photo shoots – and to have as a friend!) has brought out her own capsule skincare range. 

Streamline your skincare routine Tri-Balm and Tri-Spritz

What makes it different is that the products are 3-in-1, perfect for travel – and for reducing the number of steps in your skincare routine.   Brilliant if you’re on the go like me – or you just want to simplify your life!

Originally a trained nurse, Frances swapped her nursing career to become a make-up artist for film, television, and magazines.  Working with top models and celebrities for Vogue, Glamour, GQ, Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, and with actors such as Dame Judi Dench, and Jude Law,  she also works regularly with the England Women’s Football team.

Known for creating gorgeous, glowing skin (that’s why she’s always in high demand!), Frances is also a trained facialist with her own skincare studio in Whitstable. With all her experience and knowledge about skin and skincare products, creating her own skincare range was a natural next step. 

But she didn’t want to create a skincare line with hundreds of products and ingredients.  What she and her clients were looking for ways to simplify, not complicate their skincare routines, but without compromising on the results. 

Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise – Tri-Balm does it all 

Tri Balm review

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Tri-Balm, £46,  is the first product in the range. I love the fact that it cleanses, gently exfoliates, and moisturises all in one, so if you’re traveling, you can cut down on the number of products you carry.  Created using sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients, Tri-Balm is free from parabens, silicones, and synthetics – and it’s also cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified.

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I’m also a fan of the simple, stylish packaging which looks great in my bathroom! And the fact that Tri-Balm is in a twist-up stick, means you can either apply it straight onto your skin or use your fingertips.  The balm consistency feels really luxurious, literally melting into your skin.  And it smells delicious, thanks to mandarin and geranium essential oils.

tri balm 3 in 1 cleanser

How to use Tri-Balm

I massage the balm into my skin to remove my foundation, then rub gently around the eye area to remove my eye make-up and mascara. To remove, I use a hot muslin cloth to wipe away any excess.  My skin always feels lovely and clean afterward, plus I don’t have to apply moisturiser afterward as the formulation contains hydrating hyaluronic acid. Genius! It’s no wonder that Tri-Balm is award-winning.

Travel light with Tri-Balm 

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Tri-Balm is not only a great at-home beauty essential. It’s also brilliant for travel. I took it with me on holiday as it’s lightweight, much easier to carry around than a tub, pot or bottle, is the ideal size for cabin baggage – and it won’t spill!  It cut down the number of products I needed to take with me too, as it does three jobs – and more. It’s also a great as a leave-on intensive mask when you’re flying.  

Tri Spritz review


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The facial mist that protects, repairs and sets make-up

Following on from the success of Tri-Balm, Frances has created a 3-in-1 facial mist – Tri-Spritz, £45, designed to shield skin from pollution, boost cellular repair, and also set make-up.  I love using it throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated, my make-up fresh and to perk me up when I’m tired.  Frances has included soothing and uplifting rose, verbena, and orange blossom extracts for a sensory boost.

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Ti spritz

How to use Tri-Spritz

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First thing in the morning – and throughout the day – spray the skin with three or four pumps of Tri-Spritz. It helps to calm irritation, protect skin from pollution, and set make-up.  You can use it during the day to keep your make-up fresh too!

Can you tell that I’m a fan! Try them for yourself!

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Natalie Shirlaw is a healthy living expert with 10 years of experience in the field of holistic health, wellbeing, and fitness. If you enjoyed this article be sure to pin or share it!

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