My trip to Weleda

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For those of you that know me know I live on a farm and live a holistic lifestyle – I love yoga, meditation and working with angels, I’m also vegetarian and almost vegan although I do eat eggs from my own chickens. So it is my preference to use natural and organic products on myself and my clients.

So I was very excited to be invited up to Weleda and look around their farm where they source their products and their factory where they make all their homeopathic medicines. The company motto “in harmony with nature and the human being” says it all. They have been around over 90 years and commit to using raw organic substances and act as sustainable as possible on all levels.

I was very excited to be told when I was shown around their fields that they practise biodynamic farming.

Biodynamic farming is a method of organic farming only even better, it is a spiritual, ethical and ecological approach based on the findings of Dr Rudolf Steiner a highly trained scientist and respected philsopher. Biodynamic farmers plant and harvest around the moon cycle that generate balanced, healthy plants that enhance the nutrition and quality of the plant – I was absolutely fascinated!

The fields at Weleda are just what you expect colourful and beautiful and it made me realise even more how important that it is that we understand where our all products are coming from.

This is the calendula plant that they use in their baby products – how pretty is it?

No chemicals are used anywhere on the fields.

Their fields are beautiful aren’t they?
And even more bigger news is that they are bringing out a hair range – I have some really exciting news to announce about that soon! The press launch is September 12 and the products will then be available nationwide so look out for them!

See you Soon!

Natalie x

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