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One of the main reasons that I started this blog was to share my own search for natural products that were an effective alternative to mainstream ranges. My hunt for skin, make-up and hair products that are plant-based, paraben-free and non-synthetic for starters has taken me on quite a journey. And when I find something I love, I share it, so essentially, my research means that you don’t have to trawl the shelves or pound the streets yourself; you can reap the rewards of my search with a swipe of your screen. All the products I feature are cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly – I want to treat my body, animals and Mother Earth with the respect they deserve, and I believe many of us are on a similar journey. With that in mind, I was extremely excited to road-test Mad Hippie’s products. Their ethos is built on the premise that natural skincare is every bit as effective as any other skincare, an idea that immediately got my attention. The company are also committed to creating products free from parabens, synthetic fragrance, dyes, petrochemicals, PEGs, SLS or other unnecessary additives in their products and the range is streamlined – just 10 products – so it’s easy to find what your skin needs. Yet more reasons that I’m hooked from the start. But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding, so I set to work testing three of their best-sellers – Exfoliating Serum, the eye cream and the Facial SPF.

Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum £25.99

This was the product that I was most eager to try, not least because it has had so many rave reviews, both in the press and from customers.

 The lowdown: The skin concerns that I wanted the serum to address were the lines on my forehead and the area around my eyes, mainly fine lines together with morning puffiness. 

The results: I cleanse my face first, then apply the Exfoliating Serum, leaving it to absorb for a few minutes – I usually floss and brush my teeth to kill the time – then layer Mad Hippie Eye Cream, £19.99, on top (my other favorite product).

I do this morning and evening, and highly recommend the combo of serum and eye cream to see the full benefits. It’s definitely the best result I’ve ever seen with a duo of products. With daily use for 28 days, my fine lines and wrinkles have been ‘softened’ and are less visible, and my forehead looks smoother (see before and after photos) – I was genuinely amazed. There has been a noticeable reduction in eye-puffiness in the mornings too. I’ve been so impressed with both these products in tandem that there’s no going back!

Before Using Mad Hippie I had a lot of redness and fine lines and puffiness around my eyes
After using Mad Hippie for 28 days redness, fine lines and puffiness reduced significantly
Mad Hippie Facial SPF

Mad Hippie Facial Sunscreen £19.99

The Lowdown: I’m always looking for a natural, non-chemical sunscreen. As I’m outside all year round braving the elements, either walking my dog or in the garden, it’s very important for me to use one at all times. I don’t want to smother my face in a potentially carcinogenic cream, but to date, I haven’t found an all-natural sunscreen that doesn’t leave my Celtic skin ghostly-white! So it’s ‘high five’ to Mad Hippie’s SPF 30+ Facial Sunscreen, made with zinc oxide – the gold standard ingredient in effective natural SPF protection as it physically blocks UV light, rather than absorbing it like chemical sunscreens. It’s also packed with antioxidant-rich plant and seed oils, including red raspberry seed, avocado and carrot seed, plus vitamin C and vitamin E. 

The Results: My skin loves this nourishing sunscreen and it’s great to know that I’m being moisturised as well as protected when I’m out and about, and without scaring people with a pasty complexion. Hurrah!

This sunscreen rubs in easily and leaves no white residue

I have really enjoyed road testing these products, and I’m definitely quite taken with these 3 products. It may have taken years to find an eye cream/combination this good, so I won’t be changing this duo anytime soon!

Be sure you check out their website. If you would like to purchase any of these products – you can shop on the Mad Hippie’s site, they ship globally, and my products arrived to me very quickly and without any customs.

Natalie x

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