Wild Planet Reed Diffuser

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As some of you know I live on a small farm and seemed to have acquired quite a few stray animals along the way, 3 dogs and 3 cats who live very much in the house, so I’m always trying different reed diffusers trying to make the house smell more pleasant.

I have pretty much tried every reed diffuser on the market including various natural and organic brands , and I find after a week or 2 the fragrance loses it’s strength. So I was absolutely delighted to find a local brand that is hand made in Kent and that is 100% pure and whose fragrance seems to last and last.

Wild Planet are a Kentish company who hand make their products in Kent and base their fragrances on evoking a memory, creating joy or simply just to calm the senses.

I have to say all their products are beautifully made with striking packaging and look as they smell – gorgeous.

My favourite is their Lemon Verbena reed diffuser . The beautiful citrus lemon aroma is handmade with 100% essential oils, verbena, lemongrass and bergamot and it lasts and lasts for weeks. It is quite expensive at £26.95 but this is probably because it’s is not mass produced and hand made. It also has high quality ingredients and as it lasts so well it is well worth it. I have tried other fragrances in their range but the lemon definitely lasts the longest.

The other thing that is lovely for this time of year is lemon is a mood lifter and I definitely feel joy every time I smell my beautiful lemon diffuser instead of cat!

if you live in Kent, and like to buy locally, you might also like to try this hand soap, it’s hand made in Margate and is superior quality!

If you try it please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Natalie x

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