Zero Waste Christmas Gift Guide

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As we start the run up to Christmas, many of us are worried about the impact we are having on the planet, and are now trying to cut back on consumerism and packaging. However maybe we don’t need to have a bah humbug Christmas! Perhaps if we choose more ethical gifts, and make better choices, we can still enjoy the gift of giving. Sometimes we run around grabbing gifts that will “do,” which sit on someone’s shelf unused, or worse still, end up in landfill.

I’ve have sourced some Christmas gifts for you that will leave little or no impact on the planet, or our health for that matter. Most of these products are from WearthLondon, an eco friendly online store based here in the UK.

Wearth Lond Organic Anti Ageing Moisturiser

Organic Anti Ageing Moisturiser

This beautiful organic anti-ageing moisturiser is handmade in Ireland, using natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, which are kind to the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and is rich in barbary fig seed oil – I can smell how delicious it is from here!

This coconut oil based formulation boosts the skin with antioxidants needed to prevent cell degeneration and help delay the signs of ageing.

It is made in a recyclable glass jar, inside a cotton bag, in a recyclable cardboard box, with a wooden scoop, and I think it looks so pretty!

If this sounds like it would suit a lady in your life – you can purchase one here.

Earth London hand poured soy candle

Hand Poured Soy Candle

These hand poured soy candles are made in Henley-on-Thames, with organic soy wax, natural paraben-free essential oils and organic cotton for the wick.

There are three scents to choose from, each with all-natural formulas which are formulated with relaxation and wellbeing in mind:

Eden – A floral blend of peony, patchouli & neroli to allow for a moment of reflection and pure contentment. The peony essential oil helps to calm and sooth the mind, the patchouli has emotionally grounding and balancing properties, whilst Neroli is added to promote relaxation and a positive outlook.

Namaste – A woody blend of lavender, jasmine & frankincense to quiet the mind and unwind the body… exhale… The lavender essential oil is ideal for relaxation, reducing stress and improving sleep, jasmine helps uplift your outlook and ground yourself and frankincense help focus your intention and balance your mood.

Botany – A fresh blend of tomato vine, fig & bergamot to connect with your surroundings and energise the mind. The tomato vine is energising and stimulates the mind, the fig harmonise your emotions and the bergamot is known for its invigorating lift and promoting a sense of confidence.

All packaging is completely plastic-free with the candle stored in a reusable glass jar with aluminium lid and biodegradable front label, making this candle a lovely zero waste alternative. Morgan Jost give 50% of their profits to Mind, a UK-based charity which helps to support people with mental health issues.

From my experience most women love a beautiful scented candle, and it’s definitely a present women will use! If this suits someone you know, you can purchase one here.

Earth London Organic Reed Diffuser

Organic Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are a popular gift, but did you know artificially fragranced diffusers can be as dangerous to the lungs as passive smoking! However, don’t panic as I’ve found this lovely organic reed diffuser. It is hand made in London made with pure essential oils, which won’t damage your health or lungs. As the essential oils used are of high quality, the scent on these reed diffusers last a long time, which is another real bonus!

Choose from 3 luxurious natural scents:

Lemanja – An exotic oriental citrus fragrance, combining warming organic Thai Lemongrass, Exotic Black Pepper counterbalanced by Sweet Fresh Basil.

Inika – Soothing and calming organic Chamomile is hand-blended with relaxing Organic Lavender, healing Organic Rosemary and warming Lemongrass. A relaxing scent to envelope you and your little ones into a deep slumber.

Dakota Meadow – A signature scent which fills your home with a summery, fresh and calming scent. Organic floral Geranium Rose and aromatic Sage, twisted with calming Lavender.

Sent in a lovely gift box, the perfect gift for a friend or treat yourself! You can purchase one here.

Earth London Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant

I am loving this deodorant, I love the fact it’s not encased in plastic, and the essential oils smell gorgeous, I can smell them all day! I’m also aware of the fact that my lymph nodes are directly under my armpits, so rolling or spraying parabens in that area is not a good idea, making this all natural deodorant is a great swap! It’s handcrafted in Bristol, using high quality ingredients which work effectively throughout the day to keep you odour free. I work all day bending over people doing their hair, and go to the gym regularly, and I find this deodorant very effective .

There are three unisex scents to choose from:

Lemongrass & Tea Tree – Deodorising lemon essential oil and tea tree essential oil with natural antimicrobial properties which takes care of bacteria that causes unwanted body odour.

Lavender & Bergamot – Anti-bacterial and naturally disinfecting bergamot and lavender oil which help prevent infections that cause body odour.

Unscented – Gentle formulation for sensitive skin.

Sandalwood & Bergamot – With soothing sandalwood essential oils which keeps you feeling fresh and cool. and bergamot essential which is antibacterial and a powerful natural disinfectant.

All packaging is completely plastic-free including delivery packaging, making this an ideal gift for the Zero Waste lover. What a great present! If you know someone who would like this, then you can purchase one here.

WearthLondon coconut oil pulling mouthwash

Activated Charcoal Coconut Oil Pulling Mouthwash

So if any of my family are reading this, can I have one of these please!  Oil pulling is just what I will need after the holidays to start the detox. I love oil pulling, it makes my mouth feel so fresh! This natural coconut oil pulling mouthwash contains a carefully formulated blend of pure essential oils, sourced from certified organic farms. This highly effective blend means you benefit from the natural antimicrobial and soothing properties, helping to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

 (Dad!!! ) you can purchase one here.

WearthLondon Soap on a Rope

Soap on a Rope

Soap on a rope makes me laugh as it reminds me of the 70s when I was a child! It ended up being quite dated as shower gels took over, but as we are all trying to cut back on plastic packaging, soap on a rope has had a makeover and made a comeback!

These soaps on a rope are handmade in Devon using the best natural ingredients available.

Choose from three scents;

They come with a waxed cotton rope that you can hang in the shower. They would suit a male or female, or would make a great stocking filler or secret santa present too.

If you would like one, you can purchase one here.

Earth London Organic beard oil

Organic beard Oil

I don’t know about you, but I find men the hardest to buy for. However, beards are so fashionable now, lots of men are sporting them, so this could be quite a popular choice!

This organic beard oil is handmade in Wales using high quality pure essential oil which carefully condition the beard and skin.

It comes in two luxurious scents:

 If this would suit one of the bearded men in your life, you can purchase some here.

eco shaving kit

Eco Shaving Kit

With a staggering 2 billion plastic razors ending up in landfill every year, this is an essential swap that we all need to make. This unisex shaving kit is a great start to a zero waste life, and may even turn a chore into a joy!

Included in the kit is a

This is a great git for all the men in your life, but remember some ladies will use these too!

Elivis & Kresse Wallet

Elvis & Kresse Men’s Wallet

I live in rural Kent with not many neighbours, so I was delighted to discover this stunning collection is made by a couple who live just down the road! Elvis & Kresse rescue London’s damaged decommissioned fire hoses from The London Fire Brigade saving them from landfill, and lovingly handcraft them into sustainable luxury bags and accessories.

The Elvis & Kresse Billfold Wallet is made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose. If this wallet could talk it would have a few stories to tell; previously fighting fires around the UK for 25 years, the hose softens with use but doesn’t lose its strength. The wallet is lined with reclaimed military-grade parachute silk.

Available in red or the more rare yellow hose. Elvis & Kresse donate 50% of their profits from the Fire-hose Collection to The Fire Fighters Charity every year.

If you know a man who would love this, you can purchase the wallet here. Elvis & Kresse also do beautiful high end bags and purses that are absolutely stunning, take a look here. You may buy yourself something instead!

WearthLondon Cotton Xmas wrap

Reusable Christmas Gift Wrap

So we’ve sorted out the presents, but how are we going to wrap them?

I absolutely love these reusable Christmas fabric gift wraps, and they are the ideal zero-waste alternative to wrapping paper. They are made in Britain using cotton and can be used over and over again, passed around family and friends, and can even be thrown in the washing machine. One of the things that appeals to me most, is I can quickly wrap presents 2 minutes before giving, freeing up hours of wrapping on Christmas eve!

These reindeer themed wraps come in two colours, red and grey, and are available in two sizes:

Small– 45cm x 45cm  – Suitable size for bottle of wine, gloves, books, DVDs, bracelet box, a watch, aftershave, clutch bag, Kindle, iPad .

Medium – 70cm x 70cm – Suitable size for a shoe box, board games, shirt, cuddly toy, camera, poster tube, mobile phone in a box, gadgets, large books.

I think these are a genius idea! If you would like some, you can purchase them here.

WearthLondon Eco Xmas wrapping paper

Eco Wrapping Paper

If you prefer wrapping your presents in paper, then this star design paper is handmade in Nepal using bark from the Lokta shrub. This plant grows in the Himalayas and naturally sheds its bark each year whilst continuing to grow, allowing the locals to harvest this sustainable source and turn it into beautiful eco-friendly gift papers.

Natural environmentally-friendly dyes and water-based inks are used to create the vibrant colours.

Again I think this wrapping is absolutely stunning, and what a lovely story behind it too!

You can purchase it here.

Hope this has given you some great ideas for Christmas gifts this year. I love the idea of shopping online in the comfort of my own home, missing all the crazy crowds! I love Christmas and really enjoy giving and receiving presents, so I have really enjoyed this post and I can definitely say I’m now officially in the Christmas spirit!

Natalie x

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