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Detox your Home with these NASA approved purifying plants 

When I first started the campaign to rid my life of harmful toxins and irritants, I was shocked to learn that one of the most toxic places was my home! One of the most overlooked aspects of ‘clean living’ is the air in our home.  Without ventilation, the air around us becomes toxic over time, with the air inside the average home being up to…

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Boost your Health and Wellbeing with a Natural Wellness Box

Fancy opening a ‘surprise’ box of health and beauty treats every month? Following in the footsteps of beauty boxes such as Glossybox, BirchBox and Mintd, Natural Wellness have launched the Natural Wellness Box. This health and well-being subscription box contains a different selection of treats every month (or you can order one-off or bi-monthly boxes to suit your budget).  Subscription boxes are the perfect a…

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Organic skincare infused with Reiki Energy? Yes please!

Hemsley Organics skincare is a new range of products infused with the healing vibration of Reiki Energy.  And judging by the fact that Hemsley have already won Bronze at the Green Parents Awards, and been Commended in the Beauty Shortlist Awards, they are set for success.  While there are plenty of organic beauty products out there, the fact that the Hemsley range is enhanced using…

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Can you replace alcohol with a plant-based elixir?

I grew up in Scotland where socialising is mainly based around drinking alcohol. My home was a place for rowdy parties and fun times.  But there is a darker side, where alcohol has been a source of anxiety for me. I’ve experienced many family events where arguments and fights broke out simply down to over-indulgence in alcohol.  Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had a lot…

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Les Mills Fitness On Demand

I read recently that one of easiest ways to make money is through gym memberships. Most gym-goers sign up to hefty annual contracts (often around £60 per month), but only show up at the gym 4 to 5 times a month. And believe it or not, a whopping 70%  don’t show up at all! Having recently had a rather negative experience at a gym where…

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Evoking memories, experiences and emotions with Cocochi Candles

Can a scented candle really conjure up memories and emotions? That’s the thinking and inspiration behind Cocochi, a new range of scented candles. The creators of Cocochi kindly sent me one of their beautiful candles to try, and I was touched by their story. Founded by the co-owners after the loss of their spouses, they decided to put their energy into something positive and life-affirming,…

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About Me

About Me

Welcome to Does It Work, my blog dedicated to sharing my quest to live a healthier, less toxic and more natural way of life. If you want to look good and feel great, are eager to avoid chemical-overload in your life - and find effective alternatives to every day products, you've come to the right place! I'm passionate about finding organic and natural alternatives to mainstream products. Why? Because I really believe they are better for us - and for our environment. We use so many chemical-laden products in our homes, and on our skin and hair, that it's vital to be mindful of what we’re using, not just for our own health, but for our children, pets and the planet. My passion for natural, safer alternatives has also been fuelled by the fact that my mum died of cancer when she was very young, something that could well be attributed to the prevalence of potentially harmful ingredients commonly used in hair products and skincare, food additives and chemicals found in the environment. I've always shared my recommendations and experiences of products, treatments and therapies that I've tried and tested with my clients (I'm a professional hairdresser), and through my blog, I can reach a new and wider audience. As well as my expertise in hair, I have considerable knowledge and experience of alternative therapies and techniques, including Reiki, meditation, Feng Shui, EFT, NLP and martial arts. I’ve been actively researching, and testing as many products that I can over the last 10 years. From skincare and make-up, to food and even homeware, I’ve been incorporating the best of what I find into my daily life - and I’ve never felt better. And now I'm sharing it with you, so you can read about things that I've road-tested – and take your pick of the products that I've tried. I'm glad to have you on board and look forward to hearing about your experiences too.
Natalie X

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